3D Printing Straighter Smiles

“Align Technology disrupted the orthodontic industry by creating a digital approach to straightening teeth that makes treatment possible for more people than ever. None of what we have been able to achieve would be possible without 3D printing technology”
– Srini Kaza, vice president, product innovation, Align Technology (1)

How Stryker is using 3D printing to bring personalized medicine to orthopedic surgery

Riding new waves of additive manufacturing and personalization in medicine, Stryker could be poised to offer custom orthopedic implants such as hip replacements and spinal disks. Stryker, a Fortune 500 Michigan-based medical device manufacturer that specializes in orthopedic devices, is increasingly investing in additive manufacturing, signaling a long-term bet on 3D printing as a key to innovation in orthopedic implants.