Waste Management is Cleaning Up its Act

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Every year we continue to generate more and more waste that has ripple effects that go well beyond our local communities, increasing the global importance of innovation in the environmental services industry. Now, more than ever, we need to start cleaning up our act.

GoGreen DHL!

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The transportation sector which also includes logistics industry is responsible for 23% energy-related greenhouse gas emission globally. DHL's GoGreen environmental protection program has increased its carbon efficiency by 25% since 2007 by the end of 2015.

Uncontrollable Pollution Source?

UPS is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, and one of the companies likely to see its operations affected the most by the effects of climate change. What is it doing? Is it enough?

Kick your CO2 Habit –> Save $$Millions

In the face of climate change, limited fossil fuel resources and fragile fuel trade agreements, it is clear that the way the world ‘does’ energy has to change. Whilst there are many moral and ethical reasons that businesses should seek to reduce their energy consumption and emissions, the course of business history tells us that few companies will actually do this unless the decision to do so is also financially attractive.

Enter XL Hybrids.

VIPshop: Combat climate change in China e-commerce

VIPshop is a Chinese-based discount e-commerce retailer with USD $~15B annual GMV in 2016. It is now the 3rd largest e-commerce website in China and the 6th largest one globally. Because of the large transaction volume, the usage of resources such as energy and materials in packaging and distribution process are tremendous. VIPshop started some measures to become more eco-friendly and help to solve the climate change problems.