Crowdsourcing a moonshot: can a redesigned toilet help India win the battle against human waste?

Crowdsourced challenges can spur unprecedented innovation leaps at stalled industries. However, these challenges must be quickly inscribed into a believable road to market path to bring to life commercially viable products. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation faced a similar challenge when it tried to revolutionize sanitation in the emerging world by reinventing the toilet with open innovation mechanisms.

Flipkart: Using Machine Learning to solve unique problems in Indian E-commerce

Home addresses in India pose a uniquely Indian problem- lack of standardization. This poses a challenge to e-commerce players whose success relies on efficiencies in last-mile logistics. This post talks about how Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce major is using Machine Learning(ML) to make sense of complex Indian addresses to iron out associated inefficiencies. In addition, we also look at other key areas of ML application for e-commerce companies.