Inditex, king of fast fashion

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Over the past 20 years, one word disrupted the fashion industry and changed it more than any other single trend: fast. At the helm of this movement has been Inditex, a Spanish firm that originally started as a dress maker Galicia during the 60’s and has now become a collection of more than 100 companies worldwide.

Inditex and Zara: Delivering fast (and more profitable) fashion

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Through its flagship brand Zara, Inditex has revolutionized fashion retailing through its promise to design, produce, and deliver cutting-edge apparel in under 3 weeks. Read on to find out how Zara successfully delivers to over 2000 stores in 88 countries every week, and why they continue to grow by 8% after decades of operation.

Zara: disrupting the fashion industry

Zara has disrupted the industry through its “fast fashion” model in the last years. While traditional players design their collections more than 5 months in advance, Zara is able to bring the latest trends from the catwalks and the streets to the stores in less than 4 weeks