The New Netflix Challenge

Netflix has focused on digitization of their part of the digital supply chain but they need to expand into content creation and content consumption to capture more value as competitors enter the market.

Increased Competition from the Digitalization of Healthcare Delivery

Today, EMRs generated from connected ultrasound machines can give instant visibility into customer demand for expert review and enable a physician in San Francisco to be sourced as-needed to review New York City patients.  [2] In the age of a digitalized healthcare supply chain, Cardio Edge will need to be mindful that competitors can emerge more quickly due to the advent of electronic healthcare data and smart, connected products. 

H&M and digitization of supply chain trends – will the [fashion] show go on?

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H&M, the second largest fast fashion retailer in the world is facing challenges as consumers expect fashion to be increasingly fast-paced, affordable and personalized. The emergence of new fast fashion retailers such as ASOS and Boohoo coupled with the constant threat from its main rival Inditex has made H&M’s dual supply chain approach increasingly obsolete. How should H&M re-position its supply chain to stay competitive in the era of digitization?