Anticipatory shipping—retail’s crystal ball?

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Can products be on their way to you even before you think of ordering them? Can a company accurately anticipate your order and ship before you even place it? Amazon and other online retailers are investing in machine learning to more accurately forecast consumer demand and reduce fulfillment and shipping costs

UPS Aims to Deliver Last Mile Efficiencies by Drone

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While much has been made about Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery program, the world’s largest parcel delivery company is not sitting by idly. A UPS initiative is outfitting its iconic brown trucks with drone systems but technological and regulatory hurdles loom on the horizon.

FedEx – the next big Challenge

“You can't ride along with your shipment, so let us do the work for you” [1]. Speed and reliability have been at the core of FedEx customer promise since its inception. However, both standards for speed and reliability are constantly increasing, challenging the shipping industry and keeping technological innovation as a top priority.

Where is my package?

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FedEx is one of only three enterprises that together deliver 95 percent of all e-commerce orders in the United States. Having as a center of their proposition facilitate the connection of people regardless of their location, their business model has been transformed during the years to enlarge the portfolio of transportation services to include e-commerce and e-business solutions as well.

Ocado – Changing Grocery Shopping in the UK

In the UK, an online dedicated grocery store founded in 2005, disrupted an industry generating £179B annually . The Institute of Grocery Distribution estimates that by 2019 sales from convenience stores, discounters and the internet will overtake superstores and hypermarkets for the first time . How is this happening?