The Sustainability Paradox: How Vale S.A. is Operating in the Heart of the Amazon Rainforest the New World´s Largest Iron Ore Mine

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Is it possible to sustainably operate a large-scale iron ore exploitation project without causing significant environmental disturbs in one of the most sensitive biomes on Earth? Vale claims to have found the solution in its new S11D complex with the application of cutting-edge technologies that are considered generations ahead of common practices in the mining industry.

The geeks shall inherit the earth

  In some cities in Brazil, you don’t need to carry cash. Even street peddlers accept credit cards in Sao Paulo. It comes as no surprise, then, that there is a move to digital payments and banking happening in the […]

The new DigItaú era

Undeniably, the recent ubiquity of digital technology and connectivity are having profound implications for the economy at large, and banking is one of the sectors that has been most affected by this new reality.

Life in a Box – How Klabin Reinvented Itself

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Is packaging the carbon scourge of the universe? You just moved to Cambridge and now you need to buy everything so you can call your new place ‘home’: from toilet paper to a new mattress. You start to buy online, but all that packaging pilling up is starting to concern you: is it the worst decision for the environment?