How to Rent Your Neighbor’s Tesla with Getaround

Getaround is the self-proclaimed “Airbnb of cars”. Development of smartphones and location-based technology has driven development of the sharing economy. New peer-to-peer car rental services threaten a market dominated by the big three (Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz) and threaten car manufacturers in the longer term[1].

When a Hotel Feels Too Much Like Home: Starwood and the Technology Puzzle

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The rise of Airbnb over the last several years has threatened the traditional business model of hotels, challenging them to expand their value proposition from one of luxury, consistency, and reliability to one that emphasizes transparency, customizability, convenience, emotional connection, and authentic, local experiences. Leading up to its recent acquisition by Marriot, Starwood Hotels began to leverage technological innovation to deliver upon these expectations and remain competitive with Airbnb. However, as Starwood rampantly implements technological processes across regions, is it also hindering the creation of locally-influenced guest experiences? Does technology deliver a level of standardized convenience that makes even the most remote hotels feel too much like home?

Airbnb: how a simple online matching service trumps value of hotel giant, Marriott

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How does a simple online matching service become valued higher than hotel giant Marriott, a long-established hotel giant that owns over 4,000 physical properties, in just under 8 years? The secret is in its disruptive genius business model – designed so that Airbnb can make money by merely facilitating transactions, no risks and no costs associated with owning actual properties.