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Awesome post Nkem! I certainly don’t question the ASOS value for customers as they provides a huge selection of fashion items, usually at an affordable price, and with generous shipping & handling terms. I do wonder though, if ASOS’s policy on shipping is too favorable for customers. As 100% of its sales happen online, does ASOS experience higher return rates than a traditional retailer? Especially since the threshold for a free order is only £15, customers may order single items on a whim, at different times, rack up shipping/logistics/inventory charges for ASOS, and then the decision to return them is made so simple. I wonder what kinds of economics/pricing tests have been run on these policies and what the incremental impact of raising minimum order sizes would be for ASOS’s business model.

On December 14, 2015, Anny J commented on Venmo: harnessing social network for online payments :

Awesome read Tina! It’s extraordinary how Venmo has grown over the past few years and how as you said, has become a verb synonymous with paying people back. I do wonder about its future through. I see Apple Pay and Google Wallet as considerable threats as they hold the capital to scale and have consumer trust already on their side. Plus, I wonder if people are growing a bit more cautious about making payments to friends a social experience, as some people may value privacy more than convenience or the social factor.

On December 14, 2015, Anny J commented on Retrofit: Tackling Obesity-Related Healthcare Costs :

Very interesting read Jeremy! I also had the same concern as Alice above – how engaged can you keep employees if they are being held accountable remotely? I wonder if there are any mechanisms to keep employees honest or perhaps a monetary incentive to make sure people are meeting their goals. Another thought I had is on the sustainability of Retrofit’s business. You’re right, I feel like missing the boat on millennials will be a huge risk. There are tons of weight loss/health mobile apps already live, so Retrofit will have to bring some sort of significant competitive edge for when they ultimately do launch an app. Thanks for your post!