Taking a byte out of the supply chain: How Winfield can win in the next Agricultural Revolution

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Agricultural retailers, in an ever-competitive landscape, have yet to prove whether they can transition from distributor to partner. The question that will be debated in the next decade is whether they can make themselves essential in the digitized supply chain. If not, can we expect an “Amazon” for seed and crop-protections? And data-driven insights from a cloud-platform rather than a local agronomist?

Let’s Talk Turkey: Cargill’s Blockchain Supply Chain of The Future

Blockchain digital supply chains can help global food companies like Cargill build consumer trust and drive operational efficiency. This seems like a no-brainer, but the devil will be in the details.

How will Cargill implement blockchain to disrupt how food is delivered from farm to table? A new initiative at Cargill’s North American turkey farms offers a glimpse into the future.