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On November 15, 2018, tpotter commented on 3D Printing the Future of Rail at Deutsche Bahn :

I thought this was an exceptional example of AM can be used to reduce costs, increase accessibility and the resulting customer experience. As others have mentioned, I’m curious how a success in this industry may lead to adoption by other players and more broadly with different industries.

Interesting article. I wonder what factors have led to the success of other open source projects employing open innovation such as Wikipedia or Linux. I feel like those projects had different intrinsic benefits for people to spend time working on them, so I am curious what needs to be done to incent or motivate people to get this project done, as it is struggling to get across the finish line.

On November 15, 2018, tpotter commented on Brooks Running: Personalized Running Shoes for the Mass Market? :

This is an interesting application of AM, and makes you wonder if it is just a matter of time that almost all apparel goes in this direction. I’m curious what the cost trajectory looks like, i.e., at what point could the costs of product in a bespoke manner differ from traditional mass production. I think, as you hinted at, this trend would make you wonder if Brooks would want to bring manufacturing in-house, to allow unique store experiences and vertical integration.

Well done, Didi! I liked your diagram and how you highlighted the nuances between the type of analyses that can be done with the data. I definitely think this is the way of the future in healthcare, though there are abundant barriers to adoption. I wonder what the process might look like if the doctor felt he needed to override the AI recommendation? Another piece that seems pertinent is what legalities are involved when you have AI making recommendations.


Awesome article. From what I’ve heard, doesn’t autopilot already do a large brunt of the work? If so, will machine learning enabling the improvement of the ‘artificial pilot’ only provide incremental upgrades to the ‘current artificial’ pilot? Another question I have is, how could Boeing help to convince the regulatory agencies that only 1 co-pilot was needed? Even if the machine learning pilot was perfect 99.99% of the time, would the federal agency still favor having multiple human pilots to account for malfunctioning?

Love this–found it to be a very exciting application of 3D printing. In general, I’m curious if doctors feel that having a 3D print versus a 2D image will improve or change what they will do? I’m guessing it would improve, but there are ego barriers to adoption for doctors, especially experienced ones. Do you think there are other risks to this method that we aren’t seeing, or is this the way of the future and it is just a matter of time before almost every doctor is using additive manufacturing?

On November 15, 2018, tpotter commented on Volition: Crowdsourcing Innovation in the Beauty Industry :

Great job, Tas! I thought you did a great job describing this process. A few questions that were spurred in my mind: 1. How do you actually get critical mass to make this valuable? Like most social networks, it seems as if there is a chicken/egg problem of needing lots of people on the platform to make it valuable (sourcing new ideas and voting on them). 2. Do you think this model is sustainable? I question how long this may work for–I like your recommendation to think about how you keep people on the platform. 3. Is there any risk of companies getting unfair benefits/taking advantage of the people? I would guess not, given they would agree on some piece of this, but I wonder if someone who comes up with a multi-million dollar idea and only gets a small fee will try to take legal action.

On November 14, 2018, tpotter commented on CircleUp: Riding The Wave of Machine Learning Into Your Pantry :

Wow, good find! Very interesting that they combined with Nielsen. I agree that there is potential conflict here that would need to be addressed. I’d be interested to hear what CircleUp’s outlook is on becoming a marketplace or if I’m reading into it incorrectly.