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On November 15, 2018, Tom commented on ADIDAS – Additive Manufacturing for the Masses :

In response to Jeff above, Nike had a successful campaign in the early 2000’s of letting customers “customize” (rudimentary changes in color and ankle protection) their basketball shoes online — I suspect the customization component would resonate with young customers. However, I do question the customers’ ability to create a functionally sound shoe if given too much leeway in design decisions. And if the level of customization is limited, what will be their appetite to pay a premium for the product?

On November 15, 2018, Tom commented on Fighting Fake News with AI :

Very informative. As some of the other commentors have pointed out, some governance structures may have to be developed to ensure the impartiality of these technologies as it is increasingly applied to more nuanced pieces of work.

Very interesting! I understand that public perception of Equifax is extremely negative. But I wonder what the lenders who actually use these scores to make lending decisions think of it. Is there truly a real incentive for them to look for a different solution?

On November 15, 2018, Tom commented on Caterpillar – Embracing Open Innovation and Co-creation :

Agree with your last paragraph that Caterpillar needs to focus its energy and capital on a clear strategy. Like many industrials companies, Caterpillar seems to be taking the scattershot approach of investing in companies just for the sake of being ‘digital’. As you suggested, Caterpillar should create more defined boundaries for its VC sandbox and ensure that its investments are targeted at solving its strategic and operational problems.

Great read! I wonder if the applications of ML on the higher-end brands within Marriott/Starwood will be more limited. While ML-induced pricing and chatbots sound great for the Aloft, I wonder if high-end patrons will be turned off by prices that bounce around — they certainly would be by chatbots.

Very interesting! Given that machine learning identifies probabilistic rather than causal relationships, I wonder if Descartes will face challenges in forming partnerships or getting product adoption as it transitions from being a predictive product to a prescriptive one