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On December 1, 2017, student123456 commented on The impact of Brexit on pan-European champions: the example of Airbus. :

Thanks for sharing this interesting article, Maud. I agree that Airbus should consider diversifying its production capabilities (outside of Europe), given the risk for additional delays and increasing production costs.
The change that Airbus will need to go will certainly come at a cost, but I agree with Sara’s hypothesis that consumers will see a cost impact on the medium term but that cost impact will normalize in the longer term.
It would be interesting to see how other multinational companies (both in this industry and outside) are dealing with the uncertainty that Brexit brought.

On December 1, 2017, student123456 commented on Nike Tries to Outrun Nationalism :

Interesting article. Free trade is without any doubt essential to Nike’s success, and I agree that Nike should continue lobbying for free trade and emphasize its intentions to invest in automation, which will reduce job availability. I am wondering whether US consumers would be willing to pay for the additional costs that nationalism brings, and I therefore believe Nike should focus on educating consumers about drawbacks of the current nationalist trend. If Nike is successful in changing public opinion, policymakers are likely to follow.

Great article, Stefan. Very interesting to read how RR is investing in technology to stay ahead of competition.
First of all, I am curious to see whether 3D printing can assure the same level of quality of parts, and whether it will be able to convince regulators.
Secondly, I am wondering to what extend RR can maintain its competitive advantage, as more and more companies are entering this 3D-printing industry.

On December 1, 2017, student123456 commented on The Climate Change Concern for PepsiCo :

Great article, Nick.
Climate change clearly offers a long-term thread to PepsiCo, but am wondering to which extend PepsiCo is willing to invest in the short term to offset this threat, and/or whether shareholders are willing to pay for this.
Currently Pepsico is focusing on making its own operations more environmental friendly. I believe that Pepsico also has a major responsibility to change the mindset of its stakeholders (suppliers, consumers, etc.) and to make its entire eco-system environmental friendly.

Very interesting read. LATAM Airlines is clearly taking various steps to address the impact of climate change.
One other opportunity I see for LATAM Airlines is to explore the willingness of consumers to flight on slower planes and thereby reduce the emissions, or to pay a higher fee to invest in alternative fuels.
Secondly, I believe LATAM Airlines could address the climate change by focusing not only on in-flight operations, but also by improving infrastructure and smoothing airport operations.

On December 1, 2017, student123456 commented on Amazon – In Prime position for the last mile :

Great article.
Two additional questions come to mind.
One additional question I have is whether Amazon’s generous return policy is sustainable. As customers become more used to returning items (for free), they might start purchasing items only with the intend to use it once and return it.
I agree that regulation around privacy might limit Amazon’s success in developing its drone operation. In addition to this, I am wondering how Amazon will deal with the EU’s increased focus on tax regulation, as its trying to expand its operations in Europe.