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Thanks a lot for sharing RL – it was a very interesting read. It is apparent from your essay that additive manufacturing represents a huge opportunity for GM and the car industry as a whole with its cheaper and more efficient processes. It is interesting that even GM, given its tough financial history, is expended substantial amounts of money in this field. I do question how the competitive dynamics in this industry will play out, given there are a huge number of car manufacturers who are presumable also making strides in this field. Do you think the benefits in terms of less expensive, cheaper manufacturing will be competed away in this market, ultimately leading to cheaper cars for the consumer? Or do you think other companies with perhaps more firepower will be able to innovate more effectively than GM and reap the rewards?

Thanks for sharing Jayant – this was an interesting read. I agree that the potential in this space is huge given the sheer volume of remittances especially with the increasing number of people in the developing world seeking jobs in the west. I do think adoption will take a while in this sector, especially due to the fact that a lot of people who are receiving remittances are not necessarily financially sophisticated. Moreover, there is an innate distrust in what is perceived as more abstract concepts such as Blockchain as opposed to your local high street bank. It will be interesting to see how Ripple overcomes these difficulties going forward, and also if other companies based on Blockchain will exploit this opportunity too.

On November 15, 2018, PM commented on Empire State of Minds: Open Innovation in NYC :

Thanks for sharing Cardi V – it was a very interesting read. I had not realized that open innovation was being used in this context. It definitely seems like a great opportunity for projects like this. I would question though how much is financially is actually being saved however, as I would imagine the bulk of the cost of these large projects such as transport would come from the actual implementation. It would also be interesting to see how detailed these ideas are – are they detailed ideas including implementation plans or are the solely ideas which individuals may have. You also raise some very interesting questions, I do think given the sheer scale of these government projects relative to private projects will allow compensation to remain at decent levels (i.e. 0.1% of a $2.5B project is still $2.5M)

Thanks for sharing BCA – it was an interesting read. Definitely seems like machine learning is a very promising field for Spotify given the vast quantity of data they have. I think it would be fascinating to learn more about how spotify clusters individuals into groups based on music tastes as they can often be quite varied across individuals. I do wonder how their peers, such as Apple Music, are competing in this space – is their software proprietary or is prediction of music tastes a phenomena which all streaming companies are doing. I imagine this will be a consideration in the question you raise regarding game theory, and predicting how other players in the market are going to act based on each of Spotfiy’s moves.

On November 15, 2018, PM commented on The Growing Market for Identifying Fake IDs :

Thanks for sharing Courtney – this was a great read. Fake ID is a topic which I am sure many of us have come across. The impact this will have on underage drinking will be substantial I believe, as this is presumably a huge market in the US. It would be interesting to see what the adoption of this platform would be from an array of different companies. I imagine some institutions spend considerable amounts on verification, such as governments, however, I question if this would be adopted more broadly in small local shops etc. This would be an additional cost which smaller institutions have not had to pay in the past, and as such, I would think that only with a push from governments to crack down on ID issues, will they be truly on board with adoption. You also raise fascinating questions regarding what the future holds for ID verification – I look forward to seeing what path society takes!

On November 15, 2018, PM commented on Additive Manufacturing at GE Aviation :

Thank you very much for sharing Carlos – it was a great read. Additive manufacturing seems like an incredible opportunity for GE as you have clearly illustrated. It is truly amazing how much can be saved and how much more efficient their processes can get. It would be great to see the P&L impact of this innovation to truly assess the value that is being created. With regards to your question, I think it is inevitable that GE’s peers will want a share of this market. The competitive dynamics will be interesting, but I do get the impression that this market is sufficiently large and new to accommodate a few big players. Moreover, GE clearly have a first mover advantage and have already made significant developments in this field, so if they continue to expand at the rate they are going they may be able to hinder the entrance of further players. A great space to watch going forward!