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Cool post Bill! It’s interesting to see Panera adapt beyond its ‘bread’ and butter strategy to its new Panera 2.0 digital strategy. I have used the iPad order services before and they do not have the same customer experience as ordering from the cashier. I would be interested to see how this plays out!

On November 20, 2016, Petey S commented on Digitizing the globe one pixel at a time – Google Maps :

Sweet post! Yeah I have the question as to what are the possible next steps for Google Maps to cover. Now that basically the whole world has been mapped, what is the next frontier? Perhaps getting maps and images inside (public) buildings would be helpful. Or trying to create a whole new virtual world could be another cool place to start!

Very interesting post. I’m wondering if the shift from traditional PC gaming to mobile PC gaming can help smooth out ATVI’s earnings going forward. As most mobile games have shorter and cheaper development cycles, they are inherently less risky, while traditional PC games require much more investment before any financial gain is realized. I bet this shift is something that will help the company in the future.

On November 20, 2016, Petey S commented on Groupon: A Good Deal for Anyone? :

Cool stuff. It’s interesting to hear how many Groupon deals sold by restaurant merchants were sold below cost. Given that these deals could cannibalize the restaurant’s existing customer base (and not necessarily lead to core customer conversion), it is surprising that any restaurants would still go with this deal. Maybe it’s just an indicator of how competitive certain marketplaces are out there and how companies like Groupon can come along and take advantage of that.

On November 20, 2016, Petey S commented on How to Rent Your Neighbor’s Tesla with Getaround :

Very interesting post! Given that the trust between the car owner and the car renter is the most important factor here, I wonder what additional steps Getaround can do to strengthen the bond between customers and owners. I also wonder what sort of marketing the company has done to get its name out there. Everyone is comfortable with using AirBnB because we’ve all heard of it but not that many people have heard of Getaround. I bet that more advertising can help build more trust.

On November 7, 2016, Petey S commented on The Anti-Organic: Super Salmon for Dinner :

Oh hey there! Very interesting read and quite the delicious subject. I wonder as the technology develops for such engineered foods and as super salmon becomes commercialized if it will experience the same type of backlash as genetically-modified foods (GMOs). While it’s great that the super salmon grows in half the time as regular salmon, it would be interesting to see more in-depth studies on the nutritional value of these types of foods. In order to get broader buy-in from the developed world’s populations, I imagine there must be convincing evidence to support the claim that such novel foods are just as healthy as non-novel foods. What a world we live in.

Very cool article and topic, Miras88! It’s always a sensitive topic when talking about how developing economies handle environmentally friendly practices. I doubt that Mongolia has the same level of environmental scrutiny as developed economies and I wonder what sort of climate-friendly resistance is being put into action by local communities. I’m sure the fact that a significant portion of the population is herders, there could be some resistance but I doubt is has the necessary resource and political clout to make a significant stab into the issue.

Oh you must be a doctor! This is a fascinating read and I didn’t realize that there was ever a controversy around the appropriate level of capital allocation for malaria. I wonder how the Nature 2010 article came up with its figures around the expected development of malaria intervention technology and practices. Furthermore, I wonder if the same report had any opinion on what other worldwide maladies would provide the most bang for the buck when it comes to intervention investment. Do you have any opinion on whether or not there are other diseases out there that deserve more or less attention/investment as related to malaria?

On November 7, 2016, Petey S commented on Nutella no more? :

Well sc635, let me start off by saying that this is a superbly written article and quite the delicious topic. I’m glad to hear that Nutella is on the forefront of sustainable palm oil sourcing. It seems like it was a good move by the company to acquire the hazelnut producer in Turkey and benefit from vertical integration. I wonder however, given the recent political instability of the Turkish government, if this was the smartest business move and if the producer has any risk of becoming nationalized. I’m sure that Nutella’s move to acquire more hazelnut producers around the world would help diversify some of this procurement risk.

On November 6, 2016, Petey S commented on Can ThinkEco Help Users Reduce their Electric Consumption? :

Very cool concept and nicely written post! I wonder, do you think that the average consumer would be willing to incur the upfront costs of acquiring all the modlets while not realizing the financial benefits of those devices until several months (or years) down the road? Today, I imagine it might be expensive for the typical consumer to conform to the ThinkEco products, but as energy costs continue to increase due to climate change, I believe the value proposition becomes more pronounced. Coolio!