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On November 15, 2018, Peter Le commented on LEGO: Leveraging the Building Blocks of Open Innovation :

Great article! Very informative! I think LEGO almost created a cult around its products and the avid fans will keep buying its products, no matter what they are. The LEGO Ideas seems to be a engine of new product pipelines that never ends. I wonder if the digital era and more advanced games will ever one day win over kids through new and innovative technologies such as VR and AR. Obviously, traditional video games haven’t taken market share away from LEGO!

On November 15, 2018, Peter Le commented on Xiaomi: Fueled by Open Innovation :

Fantastic article!! When I think about opensource innovation, Xiaomi immediately came to my mind. With Xiaomi’s “MI ecosystem”, it was able to build an empire based on connected hardwares. Xiaomi’s effort was largely overlooked by the world, especially the western world, evidenced by the comments above who expressed surprise. I think you asked very insightful and thought provoking at the end. How sustainable is Xiaomi’s model remains to be seen. However, I do believe there’s a network effect around Xiaomi’s products.

On November 15, 2018, Peter Le commented on Printing the Future: Ford Motor Company’s New Production Process :

Very informative article! 3D printing sounds like a perfect fit for Ford as it strives to be a more lean and efficient auto manufacturer. You raised a very good point about the impact of the technology on the labor force – which I never thought about before. I think in the short term, there is certainly going to be some pain but long term Ford is going to become a capital-light company. Like in many industries, work force will eventually re-balance itself.

On November 15, 2018, Peter Le commented on Additive Manufacturing at GE Aerospace :

Very interesting article! GE seems to be a natural early adopter in the AM industry, given the industrial nature of the company and its reach to customers in various industry verticals. One concern I have (which you alluded to) is that given how capital intensive AM is, I wonder if GE could continue to invest as heavily as it used to, given the company is in financial trouble (the company recently cut dividend to almost zero and announced to sell many of its assets). I agree the solution you propose for GE to find industry partner is a great one!

On November 15, 2018, Peter Le commented on GO-JEK: Improving Customer Experience with Machine Learning :

Great article Melina! I’m impressed how GO-JEK was able to leverage machine learning to drive its exponential growth. Being able to make real-time decisions allocating driver and routes certainly improves customer experience and allows the company to scale (6600x in three years is insane!). Your concern on the talent recruiting in machine learning in Indonesia reminds me of the same issue in China. Many machine learning or AI experts are highly sought-after and a lot of them were starting their own startups, given the bubble in the industry. I agree improving data scientists’ productivity could be a very good solutions! I wonder as the industry matures, would it be possible to purchase machine learning or AI as a service from other SaaS companies?

Great work Amanda! As a frequent user of Taobao and Tmall, I agree Alibaba’s intelligent customer service indeed provides smooth customer experience and was able to support Alibaba’s hudge volume of traffic during the Singles Day. I think you raised very critical questions about data privacy and the extent tech firms could use customers’ data for profit. In fact, global tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber all face such challenges. In Europe, there are new regulations rolling out to draw lines between what kind of data need to be approved by consumers before being used by corporations. I imagine the issues will be a continuous debate and will provoke tech innovation such as blockchain.