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Great article and an interesting food of thought on how digitization and automation will take away the jobs of many in the industry. But doesnt that happen with any industry which gets hit by industrialisation and automation? What I am more worries about is the human touch and response at the times of emergency. Google has been trying their hands of driverless cars and there are issues that need to be resolved. Of course ethical risks are something that I am more worried about.

On November 20, 2016, NC commented on Dare to dream: A world without lancets :

Thanks Farhaneh, wonderful article. Didn’t know that we have made such advances in teh field of glucose moitoring. An issue which affects many in the world, I guess we are in the right direction and soon through more advancement in the field, would help eliminate some of the cons posed by these new technologies.

On November 19, 2016, NC commented on Doctor Watson will see you now :

Great article Pavitra! From reading about TOM IBM Watson Jeopardy case to now Radiology and the disruption Merge is bringing into the healthcare sector is pretty amazing. Truly machine learning has opened up flood gates into many areas.

On November 19, 2016, NC commented on Can Samsung create a “Jetsons” family home? :

Great article Diana! I agree with you that Samsung or any company for that matter which is developing Smart Home and convenience solutions which is asking us to rely on technology needs to work on the security of these devices and technologies. I however am positive that the technology is only help us improve our lifestyles and lot of work is still pending to make this a success.

On November 19, 2016, NC commented on Samsung, connecting your everyday life. :

This is an amazing article! So, fascinating to know that the market leader in smartphones, Samsung has taken it one notch up and is investing in digitization solutions through acquisition of technology and companies. The initiatives in the space of Smart Home Hub through the acquisition of SmartThings opens up enormous possibilities to invent and innovate in the space of IoT whether be it security, smart intelligence etc. Harman looks very promising acquisition and looking forward to seeing the next big innovations by Samsung in the automotive space.

It is great article. Great to know that chemicals company is pushing its strategy towards green/ clean technologies. Dow has been a market leader in speciality chemicals and I think it is definitely true that it is acting in a way that a market leader should – driving innovation to improve the carbon footprint of the products they make.

On November 7, 2016, NC commented on Tesla: Profitable? It depends on the climate. :

Greta article Zach. Great to understand the ZEV and how many large automakers are exploiting the low standards set by the state. I completely agree that ZEV targets should be increased and TESLA must be rewarded for the excess energy efficient, green cars it produces. But also TESLA must now start looking at driving its business towards profitability. It looks quite unsustainable to be fueling the growth for future innovations with any solid financial performance.

On November 7, 2016, NC commented on Life in a Box – How Klabin Reinvented Itself :

It is very interesting to read to read about a paper and boards company and its journey towards sustainability. I agree with you that having a sustainability focus will help the company bring in talent that wants to work on meaningful projects and are passionate towards growth and sustainability. Cleaner fuel, less water usage are great initiatives but I would look for Klabin to take this a step forward and see how it can influence other players in the industry for industry wide sustainability practices. Any partnership within this sector can help save the deforestation and climate change associated with it quite dramatically.

On November 7, 2016, NC commented on Reimagining The Grid :

It is interesting to know that the most affected sector/ part in economy after the hurricanes was the power sector. I definitely agree that we need more innovation of electricity generation and transmission. It is also alarming to know that there was no focus on the sustainable grid solution prior to the hurricane. I agree that we definitely reforms such as those made in California to incentivize companies and investors in focusing and bringing new sustainable solutions that can make a difference.

This is super interesting article ! I was quite amazed to know the speed at which coral reefs are how one incident in history can have such a negative impact on nature which is built over centuries. This is clearly an example which proves that climate change is not a thing of future, but it is something which is happening now and happening fast. I am happy that companies like Diving Cairns are driving awareness amongst its consumers, big steps and regulation need to be brought in place to preserve such intricate and magnificent nature’s living structures.