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On November 15, 2018, Michael Scott commented on Medtronic Must Continue to Invest in Additive Manufacturing :

Very interesting post! I would be curious to hear your thoughts on if companies in the health and science space should also be thinking about using 3D printers for mass manufacturing, rather than just rapid prototyping? And if so, what the time horizon may be on that? Also, I do think they should invest more heavily with people and machines to church out additional ideas. My personal view of rapid prototyping is that the quality matters much less than the quantity you can church on. I believe that because if you are on to something, even if it’s lesser quality, you can then invest more time and resources in making it of higher quality, but early on, quantity matters more.

The concept of 3D printing at home and just accessing a file has led me to think about a couple of questions, including one similar to movie piracy. If you are able to “pirate” a Nike shoe file and print at home, there is a chance of Nike losing out on all of the revenue from that shoe. Another factor that would be interesting to consider is what they could do to prevent people from printing their one shoes that look very similar to Nike’s, including use of their logo. I think the presence of at-home 3D printing may lead to companies losing control of their brands, in some ways.

On November 15, 2018, Michael Scott commented on Great Scott! What’s next for open innovation at LEGO? :

This is amazing! LEGO is just so cool. I think that e-commerce will only help LEGO, if they are able to maintain the majority of sales on their own platforms. I also think if they could drive traffic to their direct site, they could continue pushing this open innovation strategy. If anything else, I think it is an amazing marketing tactic to make customers feel like a part of the brand. Having a company that large, listen to customers’ ideas, is a great way to maintain interest in a company!

On November 15, 2018, Michael Scott commented on Eli Lilly: Improving R&D Through Open Innovation :

This is a very interesting concept, particularly because academic institutions tend to church out research, but have no interest in commercialization. I would be interested in learning if the academic route is sustainable in attracting R&D opportunities because the majority of faculty/researchers work directly with a school’s tech transfer office with their research, and it seems like this program would have to work around that. Food for thought!

On November 15, 2018, Michael Scott commented on Machine Learning: Innovate Your Way to an Unproductive Majority :

Thanks so much for this post, Jon, really enjoyed it! Great point about the capital intensive investment that machine learning brings to the table. I am not convinced based on this post that the value of ML for Back of House would really increase sales drastically. It seems to me that it is a big question mark if ML could have a large impact on a brick and mortar fashion store. Because of that question, and the intensive costs, I am not sure it is worth the investment at this moment. Would be interested to hear which way the founders go on this!

This was a fantastic post, thanks for submitting it! I would be curious to hear if you fear that as Netflix gets better and better at predicting viewers interests and giving them more control, if this will continue to grow into unhealthy viewing habits of individuals, particularly children. I know this wasn’t the perspective of this post, but just a question I had as I was reading through.