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On November 15, 2018, Maurice Martin commented on Chariot: Changing Transit through Crowdsourced Co-Creation :

Great post, I really enjoyed reading it. I am curious if their process of learning from their customers is more accurate than Uber’s data analysis. While I agree if people feel like they are contributing then they will assume things are better but in the long run if routes are less efficient I can’t see how Chariot wins.

Loved the post. Really well written. Looking forward to the innovation from Amazon Studios when you are in charge. One way to possibly use crowd sourcing is to take an already popular show and ask people to submit their best ideas for a variety of things like a celebrity cameo, plot twist, popular culture reference they want to hear… etc. Perhaps that is a good way to get people involved in the show yet keep the quality of the content high.

Watch our Reed, Ankur is coming….

On November 15, 2018, Maurice Martin commented on Machine learning in the Chemicals industry: Lyondellbasell :

Great post, really thought it was provocative. To extend your question, do you think data becomes a commodity that you could sell? Think of Kodak going bankrupt, they surely have a lot of data on camera usage -does Apple pay for that data once AI is able to harness it?

On November 15, 2018, Maurice Martin commented on Adidas Brings Customized Footwear to the Masses :


Great post, I really enjoyed reading it. Do you think if they outsource manufacturing they will lose the value of their brand? 20 years from now – Ad agency gets into the sneaker business by partnering with the Lebron of the 2030s and the 3D printing companies. Do you think if Nike has their own 3D printing infrastructure they will be able to undercut Adidas on price?

Truly thought this was great.


Great work, your post inspired me to learn more about AI. Do you think artificial intelligence will make mistakes as geographies change (places with no sand) or as weather patterns change (Russia vs. Iraq)? Also, do you think relying on machines for mission critical items will make us more or less susceptible to Cyber Warfare.

Thanks for writing this.

On November 15, 2018, Maurice Martin commented on Additive Manufacturing at GE in the Midst of a Turnaround (797 words) :


Great post, really well written. I appreciate your sensitivity and possible hesitation toward the large investment required to be a leader in AM. Yet I would question if GE has much of a choice. I wrote about additive manufacturing in the sneaker business and discussed how in the future industry leaders will need to have a strong AM presence if they want to maintain market share. I think the same thought can be applied to the aerospace industry. Perhaps GE can invest in a leader in the space instead of developing the capabilities in house but either way they probably need to participate.