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In the near term, do you see Uptake’s technology as a way to augment the current maintenance process or to replace it? Additionally, with a $350 billion maintenance budget, why isn’t there more innovation in this space? It seems like there should be a plethora of private companies trying to fight for government contracts in this space.

This is a very timely issue and one that isn’t unique to LinkedIn. With GDPR, a lot of machine learning services are being asked to “audit” the decisions their algorithms make. It will be very interesting to see how different societies deal with trade-off of a faster pace of machine learning progress with the ability to make sure those machine learning decisions are fair and equitable.

You touched a lot on why the Navy needs to switch to a CBM model and steps they could take to do so, but you didn’t touch as much on why they haven’t already switched. Is it just because of the bureaucracy? Or is it a lack of willing private sector partners (as you hinted at with the Google protests)?

You did a great job of clearly articulating the challenges to each stakeholder in the process. Additionally, I really appreciated the use of questions and examples throughout. I would be curious about what you think the challenges are over the next year or so? And what you think the challenges are longer term?

This is an interesting case where a company claims to be crowdsourcing ideas, but you can not actually see if they are. Because of this, I was happy that you wrote this post with a healthy mix of optimism and skepticism. I think you could have talked a bit more about the turnover Sidewalk Labs is experiencing with senior management and if you think that will affect the role of crowdsourcing going forward.

On November 13, 2018, Jimmy Dimon commented on Adidas Brings Customized Footwear to the Masses :

Very interesting post. I knew several companies were exploring the uses of additive manufacturing for prototyping, but I did not realize any were using it for finished goods. One thing I am curious about, which you did not touch on, is whether 3-D printed shoes last as long as regularly manufactured shoes. As a consumer, I would be weary about the quality of shoe you could 3-D print.