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On November 15, 2018, Jad Sabra commented on Can an algorithm replace “the pill”? :

Sophia – Very interesting article on a product I hadn’t heard about before !! I think that is a great push for changing people’s view on such a sensitive topic. My only question is how will customers shift into this new technology? People are so used to the pill today and shifting from it might take time. Thank you for raising this topic Sophia, very interesting.

Great article Gab as this is a cutting edge feature a lot of retailers are considering. For me, it depends on the value proportion of the brand. Leveraging machine learning to design a fashion line will make the brand a follower. By understanding what good designs exist in the market and building on them, you’ll have your product reading in 8-16 weeks (depending on how efficient the operations team is). If the brand is happy with this trade-off, then leveraging machine learning will have significant cost efficiencies as you’ll not depend on a “costly” creative team.
Thank you for this Gaby, really enriching.

On November 15, 2018, Jad Sabra commented on Alibaba & the future of retail :

Very interesting article. My passion lies in the intersection between retail and data analytics. I am particularly interested to see where this New Retail Strategy is going to head ! My only concern is: what will the role of the offline stores be in the next 15 years? Will we need offline stores? Or physical units will be used solely for inventory? I think AliBaba can use their data to improve the in-store experience, by customizing products to customers as they enter stores.
Thank you for this, very interesting read 🙂

Great article !! Also, love the title and name, very creative.
My concern is similar to Dan’s: what incentive will you provide to individuals to help scale the network. For me, one key challenge is the go-to market and how they can maintain this network once built.
Thank you for this.

Good research paper Casilda. I really think that fraud is one of the biggest topics for Fintechs today. I agree with Kate, Paypal can use this technology to go beyond fraud detection. One way a digital bank in the Middle East leveraged this technology is to detect accounts are prone to be part of a criminal network / money laundry scheme. This would enhance Paypal’s reputation and increase customer trust in the platform.
Thank you Casilda !

Thank you for this Peter – super interesting.
One concern I have is the manual content editing they are going through. As you continue scaling, I believe that Bytedance should find a more efficient way to filter the content. On the other question, I do think that spending too much time on Apps is harmful, but this is their business model and I don’t believe any tech company would like to change this behavior. I believe people should be aware of what content they are consuming and be their own filter.
Other than that, great piece.