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On November 20, 2016, GForce commented on The Arizona Cardinals Competitive Advantage: Virtual Reality :

I think this is a very interesting topic and one that isn’t covered enough in the context of sports. Technology has become such a big part of all professional sports and has contributed to the evolution of the athlete. Arizona is a great example of an organization that has invested time, energy, and capital into leveraging the full benefits of technology. Athletes are becoming bigger, faster, stronger as a result of technological advances and they are also becoming better informed. I wonder how long this evolution will continue to take place and what technology means for the broader sports landscape.

On November 20, 2016, GForce commented on The Solution to Police Brutality: Digitization? :

Very fascinating and well written blog post. I found your article to be both insightful and timely. Further, I think you did a great job explaining the significance of technology in the context of policing and police brutality. Given the recent revelations and exposure of police brutality as a result of camera phones, I believe that investment in body cams should be in every jurisdiction in the country. It would ensure fair treatment and equal protection under the law for all citizens as well as for the official. I’m not sure I understand the push back from certain parties and this seems like a no brainer in many ways.

Great article. I thought you did an amazing job describing the technological revolution in the retail space and how companies like Ralph Lauren are taking advantage of this transition. It is clear that they have made a huge up front investment and they anticipate seeing this investment continue to pay off. I found the sophistication of the technology that goes into the manufacturing of the clothing to be most fascinating and surprising. I also thought that the smart fitting rooms would be incredibly beneficial in helping to enhance the customer experience.

On November 20, 2016, GForce commented on Can you do your taxes faster than you prepare for a FIN 1 case? :

This is a very fascinating topic and I love how you compared the function of preparing a tax return to preparing for a case, something we can all understand and have context around. Our generation has mostly only experienced the online and digital tax returns as opposed to the traditional paper returns, thus it is hard for me to imagine other methods. I have personally used Turbo Tax on multiple occasions and while it was quick, I’m not sure that it’s quicker than preparing for a case study. I believe that they have ingeniously made the upfront investments around SaaS technologies and the like to secure a leading position as a innovator in the space and I believe that this investment will pay off huge dividends in the long term

Very fascinating article on Dominos and its digital strategy. I do think that they, along with many of their competitors have effectively transitioned many of their operations and consumer touch points online. Today consumers much rather order a pizza through an online portal as opposed to calling or going in the actual stores. I wonder if there is a way for them to continue to invest behind digitization above and beyond what their competitors are doing to boast their competitiveness.

On November 7, 2016, Rashard Green commented on Climate Change in Commercial Air Travel :

Great post! I think that you bring out some amazing points that are incredibly important points and ones that inevitably have implications on all air travelers. Given the gravity of the issue and the lack of uniform regulatory oversight, I believe it is incumbent upon the market leading airlines to partner with their suppliers and governing bodies and make the requisite investments to ensure the suitability of their business. While airlines overwhelming contribute to climate change, they will also feel the brunt of the residual affects and thus should make these efforts out of interest for the long term sustainability of their businesses.

On November 7, 2016, Rashard Green commented on Nike: A Poster Child for Climate Change? :

Lynn – awesome topic and great article. Nike’s sustainability efforts are fascinating for a number of reasons. The most fascinating aspect of their efforts as a market leader and premier brand is to see how have continued to leverage their brand to create new norms in their market. I know from out case on Nike earlier this year that they have on a number of occasions attempted (unsuccessfully) to incorporate their sustainability efforts into their core product offering. It seems that they have made some progress along these lines and have began to successfully began to integrate these efforts. The success that Nike is able to achieve in this regard is increasingly important to the broader market and to overall sustainability efforts given their position and scale. Nike can be a market leader and a trend setter in this regard and help push the market forward.

On November 7, 2016, Rashard Green commented on Christmas without Christmas trees? :

This is an incredibly fascinating topic and one that everyone understands and one that should resonates with almost everyone in the US. If you haven’t personally had Christmas trees growing up, then you at the very least know someone who has. The dilemma of whether to fight back or give up is an interesting one, and what I would identify as the most important question. As highlighted in your article, I believe that the solution could be moving towards the artificial Christmas trees. I do believe this would likely be more sustainable over the long haul as they do not need a certain climate to grow.

On November 7, 2016, Rashard Green commented on H&M: Making Fashion Sustainable and Sustainability Fashionable :

Jenna – excellent post!

I think you call out some great points that affect both the broader fast-fashion industry and H&M in particular. I did not appreciate the enormity of the emissions that are contributed by the likes of fast-fashion providers versus traditional fashion retailers – 400% more per item seems incredibly high. While it appears that H&M is making strides towards becoming more sustainable in their manufacturing process, I do believe that they will not be able to fully realize changes until the consumer in this market accepts the pass through of a higher price in order to wear sustainable goods. As your article points out, we are already seeing some of this in the current market environment, however, my belief is that for it really resonate with H&M and their competitors.

On November 7, 2016, Rashard Green commented on McDonald’s – is the Big Mac in BIG trouble? :

Shray – excellent post!

I think you do a great job in highlighting the primary issues that McDonald’s faces from a sustainability perspective. One point in particular that I found interesting is the unhealthy livestock practices used to raise more cattle for more beef and the methane produced by corn fed. This is particularly fascinating because this issue feels like it can be immediately resolved through modest efforts and absorption of cost on McDonald’s side. Obviously the business will likely manage to a bottom line, however, a longer term focus would allow them to forgo short term profitability and exert the effort necessary to sure up a reasonable sustainability effort. Being one of the most well known brands in the world, McDonald’s is also uniquely exposed to the public scrutiny in a way that their peers aren’t.