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I agree that Tokenization can reduce capital issuance costs. However, it is really hard to liquify long term physical assets which makes up most of traditional large institutes’ current holdings. Goldman’s investment in the space does lend credibility to long term viability of tokenization, which can ignite an initial round of public interest, and commitment to the space.

On November 15, 2018, Foamy Olive commented on Teaching an Old Bank New Tricks: Open Innovation at Barclays :

I loved your suggestion for creating a two-sided platform and crowdsourcing in customer service! They are brilliant ideas that would make the “old institutes” adapt to the new era better. I agree that open source will help with the product development cycle but definitely will also bring down the quality and controls Barclays maintained in the past. On a separate note, it was great to know that Barclays was able to customize based on customer feedbacks and increase customer engagement. But who are they going to listen to, the louder one or the less profitable to bank one? I see a conflict of interest in an openly designed banking product.

On November 15, 2018, Foamy Olive commented on 3-D printing our way to space? :

Interesting read! I am familiar with most of AM’s advantages but “complex geometries and captivity-based geometries” is definitely something I’ve missed in industrial AM. Someone also wrote about Lockheed’s move in AM and maybe the two companies could partner or share best practices to advance AM together? As for thresholds for NASA to uses AM for critical, load-bearing, structural components – I believe it could be used Day 1 as long as it passes all other tests that NASA currently uses to qualify materials. I love the idea to develop “in-space” AM on the International Space Station! As mentioned above, it would be much more handy than waiting for a part to be made and transferred from Earth. I now believe we can fly, further.

On November 15, 2018, Foamy Olive commented on Is Addition the New Subtraction at Lockheed Martin? :

Agreeing with Jessica that having great material scientists is crucial in keeping Lockheed’s edge in AM and leading the industry. AM does offer a great flexibility in fast prototyping and more forgiving in mistakes made during the process. Not only they should continue its path of innovation, they should also keep leading material researches for aerospace.

On November 15, 2018, Foamy Olive commented on WeWork: Machine Learning meets Real Estate :

I’m amazed by how WeWork uses data from layout of current locations and utilization of rooms to predict future usages and improvements. I agree that
extending to its school, housing, and gym platforms are the appropriate next moves. In addition, I wonder if they can try out the realtor space, analyzing home buyers preference and better match them with properties than Redfin and Zillow? Recently went through this process myself, I believe there is definitely room for machine learning in property searching to filter and optimize location, lifestyle/neighborhood, room type/functions, odd things to watch out in their documents etc.

On November 15, 2018, Foamy Olive commented on Quick on the Uptake: Digital transformation for industrial companies :

Agreeing with CPM, Uptake is in its unique industrial space and still has a lot more to explore within the field. Moving into retail or healthcare may require more domain expertise to out run the current players in the field. Uptake recently underwent a mass layoff and reorganization which may not be a good time to introduce a radical change in the company products. Instead, they can try to leverage the DoD contract and penetrate further into homeland security and forensic science.