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I think Amazon is in the correct path to maintain competitive advantage in the distribution field. I agree with you that are several concerns and opportunities regarding the use of drones, but Amazon must keep investing in this new technology before a competitor brings it to the market. I would look for the developments of UAV in military applications (1), and try to apply some lessons to their product development.

(1) https://www.uavs.org/military

It is interesting how GE is moving its business model, and delivering services and not just products to use technology and digital information to improve their customer’s experience and increase loyalty. I think it is a good move for GE as Current can be a source of competitive advantage in the next years.
I agree that at this point many questions emerge and that the sustainability for this new business is unclear, however, I think this transformation will not be completed in the short term, and that the progress they’ve made with the partnerships are a good starting point to improve their value proposition in the future.

On November 20, 2016, D commented on Oh Deere! Plowing Ahead Into the Future :

Interesting perspective! I agree that digital transformation provides huge opportunities in agriculture to increase the productivity of equipment. I was thinking about how technology is changing mining operations (1), and wondering if John Deere can expand it’s delivery promise, not only offering products but also services such as sensors, software to analyze yields, robots, etc.

(1) http://www.mckinsey.com/industries/metals-and-mining/our-insights/how-digital-innovation-can-improve-mining-productivity

When I was reading this post, I was thinking how far Alton Lane can use digital technology to increase customer’s satisfaction. So far, I found it really valuable to have a tailored suit without additional fitting appointments (that’s very annoying!). Can this company develop new equipment to reduce the time to produce a suit? Could it be possible for the company to provide next-day delivery? or even same-day delivery?
If the garment industry can develop this kind of technology (with affordable prices), I imagine a new world full of personalized clothes with no brick-and-mortar stores, no inventory costs and same-day shipping! I’m not sure if this can come soon, but I can’t stop thinking that technology is driving us into that direction.

On November 20, 2016, D commented on Days of Wonder: Board Games Go Digital :

I find this post very interesting, I never thought about board games finding opportunities in the digital world. Technology is growing so fast that I can imagine us playing Ticket to Ride, in the next couple of years, using virtual reality to improve the game experience (http://www.vrs.org.uk/virtual-reality-games/what-is-vr-gaming.html).
I agree that Days of Wonder still have space to grow, however, I also agree with MC2018 that exploring digital interfaces can be too far from the core mission of the company. I think there are no correct answers in this dilemma, and I just hope that this company will keep selling the traditional version for old-fashion fans like me.

Thank you Anthony, really interesting company!
It is great to know that there are new options to change the energy source into more sustainable and cheap ones, since most of the time these to characteristics are not aligned and the consumer is affected by price increments.
I have the impression that this company is not aligned with consumer needs: I feel they try to reduce consumer’s consumption of energy, but also I imagine they want to generate more profits and sustain the business. How do you think this company can fix the misalignment in goals? Is this possible?

This is a very interesting post, since the value proposition of this brand depends heavily on environmental sustainability.
I agree with you and I think that there’s still room for this company to increase the positive impact. But in the context of their growing, do you think they would like to invest on more sustainable practices or would they prefer to invest their money in generating more market for the product? As consumers, can we do something to encourage the brand to take actions throughout the supply chain?

On November 6, 2016, D commented on A World without Hershey Kisses? :

Parker, thank you for this perspective!! It’s interesting to learn about the chocolate industry and how Hershey’s is addressing the climate change with suppliers.
I agree with you that I can’t imagine a world without Hershey’s kisses, but I’m concerned about the use of GMOs. Changing the DNA of the seeds can help increase the yield, but if those seeds are spread across different crops, they can have a negative impact in the soil and ecosystem where cacao grow.
I hope Hershey’s can spend more resources researching about GMOs, and find a solution that helps the company maintain a profitable business while taking care of the natural resources of the countries that supply cacao.

Incredible post! As a heavy consumer of wine, I’m struggling with the future of the industry in the context of global warming. I wonder if climate change is just a threat for wine production, or if it can be an opportunity to develop new flavors and innovate in the variety of products. I think companies can apply your suggestions, creating value for consumers while addressing environmental problems.

Interesting topic! When we think about transportation and GHG emissions, it is common to think about fuel consumption, but it’s not common to find refrigerants related to climate change.
I would recommend Sysco to get more involved in the topic, looking for partnerships with Universities or Labs to develop new chemicals or technologies. Innovations in this field can help Sysco create a competitive advantage in the supply chain for restaurants and retailers, becoming an important part of the strategy of the firm.

On November 6, 2016, D commented on Just do it: Carving the path to sustainability :

Awesome post! I’m a big fan of Nike, and now that I know that the apparel industry has a huge negative impact in the environment, I’m happy to know that the company is taking this problem seriously.
In addition to the suggestions exposed in this post, I would like to encourage Nike to develop a recycle program. The turnover of apparel products seems to be high, and implementing recycle programs (such as “leave your pair of shoes and receive a discount”) can help minimize the pollution caused by trash.