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On November 20, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Evaluating New Drugs with Wearable Technology :

Thanks Tarran for the article! My friend and classmate won last year’s New Venture Competition’s Social Enterprise Track ( His startup focuses on the need for adherence for preventative HIV medication. On a wider note, he enlightened me on the need for proper adherence to gather accurate patient information throughout the entire industry. As humans, we often forget to regularly take the medication, and sometimes our memories can get a bit fuzzy when reporting accurate adherence to our doctor. I see the technology you describe as a potentially powerful tool in the near future for addressing adherence gaps and the quality of the related data.

On November 20, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Topps Baseball Cards: A 25-Year Digital Rollercoaster :

Brian, thank you so much for writing this piece. Like others, your article definitely took me back to card shop days! Great use of visuals. I am curious if Topps plans to transfer this digital card platform to other trading card genres. I am also curious about the engagement level among its users. Do they stay for long or use it for a month and ditch? The fantasy baseball point system should help with perpetuating engagement, but will that be enough? Along the lines of your thinking combining digital and physical initiatives, I would love it if they added prizes to the game, such as baseball bobble heads or exclusive caps.

On November 20, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Cinemark: On the Way Up…and Down :

Zach, thank you so much for the read. I remember when Regal came out with their first digital rewards program, and I have friends and family that still cherish their points and frequent popcorn vouchers! Perhaps, theatres could implement innovations similar to airline miles programs. Under this initiative, consumers can gain progressive membership status upgrades from increased consumption (movie watching!) that can result in premium seating purchases, discounts at nearby retail and food outlets (think airport lounge benefits), IMAX movie upgrades (like getting bumped to first class), or where designated companions can join the elite movie fan for free.

On November 20, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Lost in Translation: Duolingo Makes Language Learning Mobile :

Connor, thanks so much for the interesting and witty read. I especially enjoyed your Buzzfeed example! Given the above comments, it sounds like there is quite some variability on the usefulness of the platfrom. However, I’m not sure if I found that all together discouraging. Language learning is indeed a process, and Duolingo seems to aid in that process in different ways for different users. On a larger note, I really appreciate your highlighting and describing a business model that monetizes the contributions of its free services to the masses. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for when I’m the product!

Liz, woah fascinating read. Thank you. Like Hannah, I had not yet heard of this technology. As you mentioned, smartwatches and related technologies are greatly increasing our capacity to track and improve our physical lives. Health and happiness benefits can be happy outcome. To me, this Humanyze technology further pushes the frontier on optimization. But, I wonder if or when we as a society will reach an unacceptable optimization threshold? In the near future, will I be measuring (or be measured on!) every activity in my day?! Perhaps….

On November 4, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Not Only Is Vegas Taking Your Green, It’s Going Green Too :

Thanks for the interesting and surprising read. I was unaware of Las Vegas Sands’ consciousness of sustainable building practices. At first, I thought that the company should do a stronger job of promoting themselves to lead and encourage other luxury real estate developers to embrace sustainable practices too. However, your earlier point about their likely perpetual target on their back may have prevented them from grabbing the positive leadership spotlight.

On November 4, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Delivery complete or return to sender? Protecting a legacy :

Hey Samantha thanks for the read! After researching and writing about UPS, I was quite interested to see the similarities and differences between the two parties. I believe both organizations could learn from each other. For instance, I really like USPS’s partnering with sustainable companies to create value for both parties. And for USPS’ learning, UPS has already launched and experimented with different types of alternative fuel vehicles under various geographic conditions.

On November 4, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Tesla: Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Energy :

Mundo, thank you for the interesting read and specific examples of emissions reduction policies in Mexico City. I also appreciate your final emphasis and challenge for Tesla and governments to partner on building financial incentives to affect consumer behavior. Another barrier I would consider is lobbying competition from other alternative energy technologies and traditional energy companies over the time and attention of key legislators.

On November 4, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Bye-Bye Beautiful Bivalves :

Wow! This is crazy! First off, I very much appreciated your thoughtful and thorough personal descriptions of the oysters. Thank you so much for bringing up the dangers from acidified water. Indeed, so often, the rhetoric is centered around the negative impacts on our atmosphere. I imagine this phenomenon can and will continue to have impacts on so many species across different ocean depths.

On November 4, 2016, Cheng-a-ling commented on Southwest Airlines Buckles in for a Bumpy Ride :

Woah, super interesting! First off, I’m deeply impressed with your resilience to search until page 65 of the annual report! I had no idea about their 29% increase in jet fuel efficiency since 2005. I appreciate your final question and challenge, and as a consumer I would prefer for the company to address the issues head on instead of shoving them in the baggage compartment. I’m often forget to check-in, so I board with the C group when the overhead baggage compartment is usually already full!