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Great post Yukako! It’s clear that the operational model is finely tuned to reduce the amount of time it takes a team to clean a train car to the bare minimum. In taking it a step further, Tessei went beyond that obvious simple math and instead focused on improving the experience of their employees. They did this because they found it was one more way of tweaking their operating model to better align with their business model.

On December 13, 2015, Anas commented on Zipcar – An effective car sharing system :

Nice post Arturo! I agree with Anna Marie about an uncertain future for companies like Zip-Car given lurking competition from a host of services. It seemed odd to me at first that they appeal to the environmentally friendly urban millennial but I understand now that they are positioning themselves as being more as a lifestyle company rather than a car-rental company.

On December 13, 2015, Anas commented on In-Q-Tel: How to Keep Your Spies In the Know :

Great post. While the usefulness of this company to the intelligence community is clear, I think that the operational model is not sustainable in that they operate as a not-for-profit and simultaneously expect that the market will fund their initiatives.