Continuos train of change, when it stops !?!?

Transparency, 360 degree evaluation

I have been very satisfied with the late changes that our administration took and is taking.

However, after 5 years, we hit a halt or in other words, a wall.

This year while I was in Boston, I denied to do my own self assessment of my projected year which we do every year. That is second year on a row that I abstain. The reason for my action is very simple, If administration claim transparency, why I cannot evaluate my seniors and superior or even my co workers. I always thought, 360 degree evaluation is both way, but turned out that is not true, 360 degree evaluation meant when explained by my administration is as simple as  is when multiple people evaluate one person.

The main reason for this replay is that our supervisors are sensitive to criticism and they are doing their best to change an old resistant culture.

So, my question, should I fill my self evaluation after reasoning I was given or should I take a stand for what I believe transparency should be.



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Participant comments on Continuos train of change, when it stops !?!?

  1. A tough question! My personal belief is that while it is good to be able to give feedback to others, it is up to them to take that feedback and do something with it. So my focus with 360 feedback is what am I learning that will help me be more effective; what are my direct reports and my peers saying about me, and what can I do with that information. Whether you participate or not is your call, but I do wonder what you may be missing out on in terms of your own development?

  2. This is a tough question. It does depend on what you want to get out of the process.

    360 review in our organization is used to measure an employee’s strength and weaknesses, not performance. It is used as part of our overall feedback and performance management process. It has been met with controversy for the very reasons you have mentioned. Also due to the anonymous nature of the process many have argued that it teaches working people that the way to support and help one another is to complete anonymous, secret feedback forms for your colleagues and tell them what they need to improve in your opinion. You can tell them whatever you want without having to step up and own your comments or own relationship between you and the person you are “coaching” through the feedback. In some of our departments it has lead to lack of trust within the department. However other departments it has been well received and works well.

  3. I think 360 degree evaluation means that feedback be obtained from the employee’s seniors/superiors, junior subordinates, colleagues and also self evaluation by employee himself/herself.
    So you should also be evaluated in the same way . At the same time, you should also be given an opportunity to evaluate your seniors/superiors, etc

    Probably your organisation is confusing 180 degree evaluation with 360 degree evaluation.

    First-You should intimate them in writing about your concern/opinion .Then you should definitely follow your organisational shitty procedures even if nobody else is on the same page as you .Otherwise this abstinence/refusal can be seen in with a negative way thereby unnecessarily proving detrimental to your future prospects.

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