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It is the most common mistake done all over the world.
Managements and governments think that academics and teachers are overpaid and under-utilised.Any decrease/cost cutting in salary or compensation will attract only the lower levels of talent for these posts thereby, in the long run severely affecting the quality and standard of teaching and will churn out only future incompetent doctors from the system.
If a hospital wants to be a teaching hospital too, it should definitely factor these in and decide accordingly.Maybe some financial grants or tax rebates from government will help in order to realise the worldwide goal of GOOD TRAINING FOR DOCTORS ultimately benefitting the society only and essentially very important necessity for society.

On April 14, 2019, Nits commented on Continuos train of change, when it stops !?!? :

I think 360 degree evaluation means that feedback be obtained from the employee’s seniors/superiors, junior subordinates, colleagues and also self evaluation by employee himself/herself.
So you should also be evaluated in the same way . At the same time, you should also be given an opportunity to evaluate your seniors/superiors, etc

Probably your organisation is confusing 180 degree evaluation with 360 degree evaluation.

First-You should intimate them in writing about your concern/opinion .Then you should definitely follow your organisational shitty procedures even if nobody else is on the same page as you .Otherwise this abstinence/refusal can be seen in with a negative way thereby unnecessarily proving detrimental to your future prospects.

Ah ! Thats a very familiar issue probably all around …
Its very difficult to decide which payment system is better —Each has their own advantages and disadvantages
“fixed salary” —> (no incentive,9-5 culture, complacency, probably laziness and tendency to work less) or
“fee for service / as per surgeries done” —> (unnecessary/un-indicated surgery, unethical practice, infighting to take as many patients, financial cost to hospital )

Probably the answer should be somewhere in-between.
In my opinion —
Minimum guaranteed SALARY (for peace of mind) with EXTRA INCENTIVES for work done . Next salary raise /appraisals should be decided depending on the number of patients seen, surgeries performed, quality parameters achieved, surgical audits, Patient feedbacks, feedback from same department colleagues (so that no one tries to take undue advantage of others) ,etc

On April 9, 2019, Dr NJ commented on PA/NP Engagement :

In todays world, compassion and willing to go extra mile for somebody else is just too much to ask for / expect for.Its just pure RAW ECONOMICS AT WORK everywhere.
Obviously a BETTER / ATTRACTIVE monetary compensation for the person doing the extra shift, will work wonders .
The second or concomitant option is to compensate them with an extra off duty on a day of their choice.
The Third option is the cash equivalent of some freebies / coupons / etc.

Dear JR,
I believe that surgeons and anaesthesiologists watching over their own colleagues is not a good idea as it will foster a sense of mistrust among team members.They may also under-report or skip taking note of “You watch my back I will watch yours”.
Some penalty for non observance of protocol can be instituted but that also may not be sometimes enough.
” Education ” of doctors regarding the IMPORTANCE of Time-out is very important. The various incidences which have lead to the disasters due to non compliance of the same , should be REPEATEDLY informed/educated to all.
Doing the TIME-OUT under camera /cctv can help so as to make people realise that they are being watched (But ensuring at the same time that the privacy of the patient is protected by not including the painted and draped part in camera”s vision )