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You position is understandable and takes us back to module 1; reasearch grants $$ vs individuals behaviour and performance. I would still see this as performance management and the person to whom Prof AB is reporting will need to take handle of the situation and manage her performance and behaviour, have a clear set of rules put to her including expected behaviour in the work place and document all discussions.

If she fails to perform within expected guidelines then unfortunately disciplinary actions as the way to go and the Board might have to intervene and advise her that her services are no longer required.

On May 12, 2017, Sam_Imaging commented on Behavioral Health and Emergency Department Throughput :

We have similar problem but the solution that works to some extent is having a secure observation bay which is supervised by security personnel and psychiatry trained nursing staff. It is not a solution if you have continuous inflow of patients requiring psychiatric assessment and attention as you fill this space very soon and put strain on the rest of the ED.

On May 12, 2017, Sam_Imaging commented on Challenges with In-Patient Throughput :

We have Medical decision unit- sort of overflow ward from ER; works to en extent from abt point of view. But still a problem

On May 12, 2017, Sam_Imaging commented on Strategic Decision – Merge or Stay Independent :

Hi Joe,

M&A is always a challenging situation particularly when you do get attached to the organisation. Larger organisation will always have economies of scale and hence will be more profitable and competitive. For you to survive the competition you will need to get a separate identity a niche.. I was associated with a independent private hospital in London who had exclusive clientele and were profitable because clients were not going anywhere because of cultural reasons but as soon as the cultural aspect was compromised – profitability went down and eventually the hospital was acquired by BUPA.

My question to you would be

Where do you see your organisation in the market segment now and in 5 years
Where do you see yourself in the value chain
Do you have a segment of clientele which cannot be serviced by any other hospital
What advantages do you have over others

In my opinion you have 2 options
Merge with like minded providers and share services
Or expand and explore other markets ( this will be challenging and a new territory)..

On April 18, 2017, Sam_Imaging commented on Registration Kiosk Utilization :

We do use self registration kiosks at our outpatient clinics and physiotherapy; patient adoption is varied and is still an issue.

Initially it was the matter of helping the patients understand how to use and being a small community we overcame that challenge very soon as consumers educated others.

Our main challenge is that the consumers still like talking to a person and are not really interested in automated kiosks.
Few reasons were:
1. people are elderly and not very keen on adopting newer technology.
2. Some of the people were just disruptive and broke/ damaged the kiosks.
3. People just ignored them as if they were not visible to them

I am also interested in knowing more on this topic.

On April 17, 2017, Sam_Imaging commented on Concentrating prostate care in the Netherlands :

Are you suggesting that the urologists at other centres/ hospitals are not competent- and all the patients must for prostatectomy must come to the 2 hospitals. I would argue that the patients should have access at the point of need and the care must not be concentrated away from them.

By narrowing down the access – you will be increasing the wait lists and also increase pressure on other resources in those hospitals.

I would say that instead of concentrating prostate care in two hospitals you should be looking at maximising access for your patients at their point por need and take the care to them.

This is the day and age of Tele medicine and robotics- think outside the box.

On April 17, 2017, Sam_Imaging commented on Implementing a value based health care delivery model :

Agree with you Amit, smaller organisations do have the flexibility to move quicker but do have limited resources- in my experience partnering with other like minded organisations helps overcome challenges.