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It is very very difficult to measure quality in medical care. Quality of life measures could help and are well validated. But how much do you attribute to the physician’s performance? The more I think of variable compensation for physician the less I support it. The 90%/20% plan seems to be a good compromise…

On May 12, 2017, Christof commented on Risk reduction in elective surgeries :

Well that’s reasonable but one would call that “cherry picking”. May I ask what happens if you refer your ASA II-V patients to other clinics – do you receive a kick-back?

I firmly believe that consultants can only serve to fulfill narrowly defined tasks. They can help you to analyze certain numbers or processes (that’s what they train for at McKinsey….) Change management, restructuring etc. should be done by the company executives itself. In my country many companies that rely heavily on consulting in general are struggling….one of my professors once said: for any consultant you hire you should ask yourself if you are sure that you still know what you want…

On May 12, 2017, Christof commented on Capacity problems in the OR :

I would be interested in hearing more on that “OR Committee”. How can a physician, nurse, administrators team work efficiently? Isn’t this always ending in a weak compromise? How many people sit in such a committee?

Maybe it would be wise to only give AB a consulting contract which is limited to say three days a week. In her case this would be especially appealing as she could even more focus on research and would therefore much less interfere with the new clinical setup. And you would cut your costs….