MI Studio Market – crowdsourced marketing access for small business

MI Studio Market – crowdsourced marketing access for small business



Vision and Value Proposition.

I have long wanted to bring marketing access to small business.  On the HBAP journey, I offer this timely idea to connect Michigan small business with local leading talent.  This collaboration is a 2-sided platform model that will leverage the power of the crowd “independent businesses marketing collectively”

1. Local shops sit on one-side of the platform.  This offers significant value to shops working to reopen:

  • access to top talent in easy, fun, curated manner
  • strategic insights on marketing opportunities
  • Guided 60-day campaign sprints roadmapped for shops to execute. enables them to test new opportunities with minimal ramp-up
  • Analysis of campaigns across local shops to identify any trending to drive strategy

2. local award-winning talent stand on the other side.  The value creation here is that it opens their client base, enables exploration of local collaboration, and aligns with desire to help at this time.


The Problem.

There is a gap that exists for Michigan small businesses.  Marketing opportunities that could propel their business forward are cost-prohibitive.  Independent stores are hoping to compete with the growing e-commerce giants lacking the tools, knowledge and access to power.  I’ve asked 20 local businesses one question, “What is your biggest marketing challenge?”  The predominant responses that illustrate this opportunity gap are highlighted below.  Most were offered with a sigh of desperation.

“I’m out of content!”

“It’s cost prohibitive to expand marketing. I wish I could use an agency.”

“I’m a small business.  How do I compete with Amazon?”

“I need new customers.”

“I don’t have any time for marketing.”

“I’m marketing. I post some pictures on social media.”  (That’s my favorite reply.)


Target Market.

The target market is independent businesses in Michigan looking to grow their marketing share and try new innovative campaigns.  There are 185,000 small businesses in Michigan so far as research has shown.  The potential localized market model is scalable into other regions once the recipe is tested.


The Solution.

The solution is a platform that brings together local businesses and local talent. Campaign roadmaps, execution, and analysis at the crowd level across participants increases the localized marketing value.  Most importantly, it’s EASY access to test innovative opportunities providing unprecedented opportunity to these small business.  The strength is in the community.  Key feature requirements will include: intuitive platform for collaboration, data visualization, AI or ML consideration to build performance recipes when critical mass of data is reasonable.

Businesses will be asked to execute the campaign sprints.  The community of talent is available on-demand of course.  60 day pilots will kick off with “Maximizing free opportunity”, “channel performance”, “producing deep story content”.



The team is currently:

Me. I guide insights, sprints and community growth

Award-winning on-demand talent opting in so far include: Detroit Lions cinematographer, AdWeek best of media planner, on-demand roles in progress.

First role to fill would be the technical platform development role to determine optimal platform, AI/automation potential in community

A curation of sustainable-leading favorites at local shop. Goal is to deeply connect shops to customer.


There are local agencies, social freelancers, but no one I see approaching the need in this holistic manner.

MI Studio Market


This is reference to agency level centralized AI-driven planning tool:

Universal Reporting & Analytics


MeSearch – Platform Empowering Publishers by Combining Neural Networks, Library Sciences, and Powerful Search to Create Digital Ecosystems

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