A platform that connect Homeowners and vacation rental owners/users with 5 star housekeeping from professionally vetted housekeepers that utilizes standardized scope of service and pricing.

Bringing five-star housekeeping Service Experience to homeowners and home sharing platforms



  • Homeowners and homes sharing platforms consistently face the challenge of trusting the professionalism and safety of the cleaners they employ.
  • The lack of a clear scope of service deprives both the cleaner and the homeowner the opportunity for clearer service expectation which mostly leads consistent dissatisfaction in service performance
  • Structured pricing that is comparable with scope of service is a challenge faced by providers and service beneficiaries



  • Targeting US households with annual income of over 75k
  • 45% of US Households = 0.45 x 128.58million = 57.86million households
  • Also targeting 400k unemployed housekeepers in the US*
  • Matching the two target groups presents a service ratio of 144:1

*estimates based on US Bureau of Labor Statistics data



  • Providing a platform where homeowners and home share owners can select professional housekeepers for their respective needs while both parties score on service and customer experience.
  • By resolving the long-standing challenges of reliability, professionalism and mutually met expectations, our platform reduces the unnecessary  friction between the service provider and the customer. 
  • The large pool of professional housekeepers currently jobless due to the economic downturn.  
  • The spread of COVID-19 has left many households with the challenge of maintaining high levels of sanitation & hygiene in their homes.









































Benjamin Quaynor 

  • Harvard Business Analytics Program
  • Finance and analytics industry background spanning over 15 years

Kelvis Quaynor

  • 22-years long career in hospitality management within luxury brands including the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Auberge, Sheraton, Andaz and Hyatt hotels. 
  •  Executive VP at Ganir & Co, a company specializing in luxury hotel housekeeping and staffing services. 


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