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Due to the evolving software landscape, and projected resource gaps a new sourcing model is emerging to Optimize Upstream Supply Chain – The Bench

WithMe self service event platform – Strengthening local economies by bringing communities together to create a global community

As product and services evolve and competition increases it is customer experience that is going to separate companies from their competition who implement measure to understand the different touch points of their customer journey and bring in improvements but also measure to effectively gauge customer satisfaction and calculate the ROI.

The truth is, technology can’t make a bad event great. But the opportunities are truly boundless when we adopt it as part of our creative problem-solving. And as we move forward, a different league of success in event industry will be established by those who understand our relationship with technology, over those who rely upon it.

We believe emotional connection, sense of unity, community and demonstration of support for each other is the currency of the future.
The hybrid nature of the self-service WithMe event platform with social distancing ( IoT bracelets for distance tracking) and with onsite streaming capabilities is the final piece which really sets the bar disrupting the event industry during these challenging times.

Freemium event platform focused on raising awareness at the same time for social causes and helping build the local economy on the valuable loyalty of consumer by gives the users of this patlform something more, something emotional, social, and real.

Being able to diversify across time of year is important. What we’re doing to make sure that we’ve got a business that’s both sufficiently prepared for challenge, (COVID is acting as a catalyst) but also positioned for growth when the markets return.