Concrete vs. Abstract?


Religious AI

Student comments on Monday

  1. LOL! Beautiful. I wonder how it was able to nail this phrase when it struggled so much with mine. It’s interesting to see what reference material it’s working from. It seems like, if you get more consistent results when you punch the same phrase into Google, Craiyon performs better. But the more figurative, and nuanced the phrase is, the less effective it is.

  2. That image definitely nails the sentiment but did you find a lot of variety between the proposed panels?
    I had a similar feeling from my prompt that it’s capturing the essence of what I was trying to get, but I can’t help but feel it doesn’t provide enough variations or creative explorations that could also represent the prompt (i.e. someone in pajamas still at home instead of someone already at work?)

    1. You’re right about that. There was no variation at all between the images. They were basically all men in white shirts with their head in their hands slumped over a laptop.

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