Is AI ready to disrupt the BFF market? Maybe not!

It’s mid-November, nearly Winter, and every bone, muscle, and nerve in your body just wants to give up and take a break. What words of encouragement does Dall-E 2 have for you?


It’s the mid-Semester slump right before Thanksgiving, which is only a week before Finals *screams!*, and at this stage of the academic year, all you need is an extra hour in the day (Thank God for Daylight Savings!). Unfortunately, you can’t get 25 hour days everyday – the powers that be have decided that your classes and workload will remain unchanged, but the sun will set at 4:30 pm *screams again!*.  

At least you have your supportive family and friends around you right? Wrong! Everyone is too tired and busy to spend time with you, and they’re too far away to cook a warm meal for you. So you’ll just have to endure the unbearable cold by yourself. Luckily, you can turn to your dear friend, Dall-E 2 (, who’s always there to give you some supportive words of encouragement:


WOW! Okay…

Maybe something went wrong, let’s try again… Dall-E 2 clearly has a horrid sense of humor!

What in the Animal Farm is going on here?!?

I guess Dall-E 2 is not ready to disrupt the BFF (Best Friends Forever) or gift card industry just yet. Would these pass as good memes at least (see Google search results below)? Interested to hear your thoughts!


Google search results for “hang in there buddy“. Clearly made by humans!


Using AI in the creative and advertising industries


Text to Image AI – what the future holds?

Student comments on Is AI ready to disrupt the BFF market? Maybe not!

  1. This is so funny, I had the same reaction with my “Cat Religion” search. Google search gave me an amazing mix of memes, while Craiyon came up with a mix of very concerning-looking cats.

    I think you are exactly right, and one of the main things that differentiate humans from AI is creativity, the ability to link previous experiences/things we have seen and mix them with current words and come up with something hilarious.
    Some image creators via AI are still not open to the public: Imagen (from the Google research department) is one of them, looking forward to it becoming public.

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