Darth Vader, Prof. of Management Practice, HBS

Dangers of unchecked AI – Similar to Vader being our professor

I see a lot of issues that’s being pointed out at Craiyon AI and the biases it reinforces. While I agree that there are biases with the training data, we can all say that this is a brave attempt to understand what’s out there. It shows the dangers of what could happen if AI is left unchecked. In fact, Craiyon acts as a ‘platform’ where you could really understand the consequences of algorithms and the conditions you put to structure them. On the other hand, I wonder if AI with deep learning language model ( GPT-3 for eg.) can really get out of hand and send out false, really convincing news and messages out to the world that can really cause ripple effects and divide countries – which may or may not be in the leaders’ interests


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