How a tool for fixing an annoying problem for an online game became a money printing press (literally billions of dollars)

Electronic Arts: Game On

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Amidst the tide of rapidly advancing hardware, software, and internet technologies, companies in the video game industry must constantly evolve to stay competitive. Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), one of largest game software development and publishing companies in the world, is […]

Rethinking the Video Game Business Model

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Activision Blizzard is one the largest video game publishers in the world and has seen tremendous success over the past 5 years. Moving forward, it must re-evaluate its strategic and operational positioning to adapt to a set of transformational digital trends in the video game industry.

Twitch: the ESPN of Esports

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Twitch – a live streaming platform for video games – has gained viewership that rivals CNN and MSNBC. With the help of its parent (Amazon), Twitch has a good chance of becoming the ESPN of Esports.