One Robot to Rule Them All

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Data scientists and software engineers have built tools to successfully replace many high skilled jobs. But are we about to automate the data scientists themselves?

Iodine: the ‘Yelp of Medicine’

Iodine is the ‘Yelp of Medicine,’ creating tremendous value by crowdsourcing reviews of pharmaceuticals to help patients make better-informed choices about their medications. But the question remains: can they capture any of that value?

New Freelancer Opprotunity

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WriterAccess provides an online content writing platform where customers can access over 10,000 rated U.S. writers, place orders and manage work flow using built-in planning and performance tools. The 14-person firm, headquartered in Boston, pulled in $4.4 M in revenue in 2014, representing 155% 3-year growth and was highlighted in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.