MindBody: the playbook for SaaS-enabled platforms

Many of you may think of MindBody as the platform you use to book fitness classes. It turns out that this platform play was only introduced almost a decade later by MindBody. Since its inception, MindBody understood the power of becoming the operating system for a small business and the loyalty that comes with it. Disintermediation? Well, for them it’s not that big of a deal, since the platform play is just another feature in its suite of tools for small businesses to thrive.

How Zoom Won the Pandemic

Zoom is an unambiguous winner in the COVID-19 era. This blog post dives into why Zoom succeeded while its competitors stumbled, how zoom creates and captures value, and what the future may hold for this software company.

Blackbuck – Hauling the future

Blackbuck is attempting to solve the inefficiencies in the Indian surface transport sector through a marketplace and technology-enabled services. Its impressive growth and recent funding have attracted various competitors – including one that questions the logistics platform business model itself.

FiscalNote: Forecasting Legislation

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FiscalNote is giving lobbyists and businesses the ability to effectively track and influence the outcome of potential legislation and regulatory proceedings using sophisticated analytics to decide which lawmakers to engage and how.

Github: The home for Open Source

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Github has come to dominate the software source code hosting market. Despite limited network effects and ease of multi-homing, Github has managed to tip the market in its favor using clever strategies and an open embrace of open source software.