🏀🏀🏀 Why are the Golden State Warriors so successful? Some say it is due to Steph Curry. Others say Steve Kerr is the mastermind behind the success. Ask Curry and Kerr, and they will tell you how sports analytics made the Warriors what they are today 🏀🏀🏀

Disrupting the David vs Goliath classic: Walmart’s catch up game with Amazon in the 21st Century

How has Walmart managed to keep up with Amazon's disruption of the retail ecosystem? Despite making large investments in its digital transformation, including the purchase of at a $3.3 billion offering, Walmart has not matched Amazon's strategic success in terms of reducing supply chain costs and expanding its omnichannel offerings. Early signs of promise showed an increase of up to 44% in Walmart's digital sales from 2016-2017 vs Amazon's 29% growth, but is increased revenue growth enough to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage for the next few years?