Formula 1: Speeding towards esports success?

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Coronavirus has put a halt to the current Formula 1 season. However, within days of postponing/cancelling Grand Prix races, Formula 1 innovated to offer 'Virtual Grand Prix' races to its fans. How did they achieve this? Will this esports success be long-lasting?

Can America’s Pastime Bring Us A New Home Run?

Fans (and everyone else) are desperate for live entertainment – can the MLB set the stage for using digital options to bring sports back to a post-COVID world? Even more, can this model be used to not just solve logistical issues and plug revenue gaps in response to the crisis, but also create new opportunities for growth and success into the future?


🏀🏀🏀 Why are the Golden State Warriors so successful? Some say it is due to Steph Curry. Others say Steve Kerr is the mastermind behind the success. Ask Curry and Kerr, and they will tell you how sports analytics made the Warriors what they are today 🏀🏀🏀