MindBody: the playbook for SaaS-enabled platforms

Many of you may think of MindBody as the platform you use to book fitness classes. It turns out that this platform play was only introduced almost a decade later by MindBody. Since its inception, MindBody understood the power of becoming the operating system for a small business and the loyalty that comes with it. Disintermediation? Well, for them it’s not that big of a deal, since the platform play is just another feature in its suite of tools for small businesses to thrive.

COVID-19 Boosting Mercadolibre’s Growth

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COVID-19 has drastically shifted consumption to online platforms. Just in the last few weeks, Mercadolibre registered 1.7 million new customers. Overall, the number of deliveries also reached a record high, averaging more than 1.1 million orders per day.

Amazon Handmade: Not All Networks Can Be Stitched Together

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In late 2015, experts declared Etsy dead as Amazon launched Handmade, it’s peer-to-peer marketplace for handmade products. And yet with all the factors in place to favor explosive growth, Handmade’s performance has been underwhelming at best. Where did Amazon miss the target?