Amazon: The Worldwide Leader In Sports

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Although Disney's ESPN has been the dominant player in sports content for decades, its slow reaction to digital video consumption trends and inability to monetize sports content as effectively as tech giants could see the king lose its crown in the years to come.

Bezos, The Digital Midas. Turning Around the Washington Post

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If one person has the knack for turning a digital-phobic industry on its head, it's Jeff Bezos. His acquisition and subsequent digital transformation of the Washington Post has been a massive success. How did Bezos take a struggling paper, in a broadly struggling industry, and turn it into a digital publishing powerhouse?

Amazon | To Go Or Not To Go

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Amazon has been one of the clear winners in the digital age, but will it also win in the grocery shopping space? Or will it be forced to share its technology and level the playing field?

A Blockbuster Failure and the Changing Media Landscape

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The fall of Blockbuster remains a classic example of digital disruption. Formerly a dominant player in the rental market, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010. The trends the led to the big B's demise are also challenging the media ecosystem today. Will we see more blockbuster failures? Will incumbents be able to adapt?

Amazon – behind on the VR chasm?

Amazon, unlike other big tech companies, with the multitude of products hasn't made its foray in the virtual reality or augmented reality space. However, sources say work is underway. This blogpost explores how Amazon could use VR to build on it's existing products.