Evo theaters: Social distancing and watching movies

With worldwide drop in movie theater business due to COVID-19, EVO Entertainment quickly shifted its business model from closed physical theaters to open air drive-in theaters in its parking lots. Alongside, it also delved into grocery delivery services to expand its revenue streams at this time.

Live inside your content: The future of entertainment

Rct studio is creating a fully immersive, AI-driven movie experience that adapts to the player's reactions, with each story creating thousands of permutations. Is this the prelude to a world of AI-driven characters that continuously evolve? Will such characters force us to confront the very idea of what makes us human?

“They’re not looking for a story that tells them who they are. They already know who they are. They’re here because they want a glimpse of who they could be.”

MoviePass: A Platform for Burning Cash

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MoviePass skyrocketed to over 2 million users with a revolutionary $7.95 subscription price for seeing movies. But without a clear path to profit on even a single transaction, is it a platform for anything more than burning cash?

Legen…wait for it…dary…

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With the rise of online, digital and social media marketing, it is incredibly and increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and reach one’s target consumer. This is even more pronounced in the entertainment space, where the overall number of […]