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On December 5, 2023, EleanorM commented on Autodesk AI: Assistant for Architects :

I feel like this could really help reduce some of the overhead that architects have when drafting designs, but also consider a right of passage (i.e., drawing every single brick in a building). Do you think this software could be other automated design tools such as circuit board layout where there are more rules and less “art” or “design?”

This was a great click down on how AI is potentially disrupting the health care industry. Do you have any data or thoughts on what level of accuracy the service would need to achieve consistently before people (patients or doctors) would become comfortable using it? Or is it such a cost and time saving innovation that people are willing to sacrifice some accuracy for the benefit of efficiency?

I really enjoyed your post- you did a great job looking at all angles of the service! This makes me super uncomfortable and I’m not sure why. I’m kind of reminded of something we learned in MSO about the uncanny valley- where there’s a huge dip in people’s acceptance of AI as it gets close to “human like” and I wonder if that’s it.

On November 7, 2023, EleanorM commented on Trading for the People: Robinhood’s Market Revolution :

Wabantu- great topic. I had really wanted to write my BSSE paper on the disruptive innovation Robinhood brought to the financial services industry but I was overruled by my team since we didn’t really know anything about it 🙁 I should have come to you for insights!! One question that’s been in my mind since the Gamestop situation is slightly outside the scope of this post, but I’m going to ask it anyways. Do you believe Robinhood has an ethical responsibility to provide education to it’s users before dramatically lowering barriers to entry for public market investing? Economics and Finance courses often teach that public markets are inherently smart and even out to the correct price/value- does the virality and social aspect of digital services such as Robinhood negate this hypothesis?

On November 7, 2023, EleanorM commented on Toast Inc, The Restaurant POS and Management Platform :

This was super interesting, Ben (as always!). I had heard of Toast before, but I never really actually considered what they do. I think you mentioned a big value add from scale is the data aggregation and insights that Toast is able to capture from working with such a variety of users, but I wonder if there’s additional value that Toast could provide at the market/industry/regional level. Like, do you know if they plug into research or analyst organizations to provide overall forecasts? If not, we should suggest it!

On November 7, 2023, EleanorM commented on Bumble – More than Just a Dating App :

Super interesting read. As someone who hasn’t been on this app before- thanks for breaking it down! Two qq- 1) I jut saw yesterday that the founder is stepping down; how (if at all) do you think this will impact their future strategy and growth plans? 2) Do you believe that Bumble is diversifying to new physical ventures in order to drive more people to use their app (and become paying users) or is this in and of itself meant to be a sustainable revenue stream?

Hi Ankit- great post! In terms of customers, do you see this as a solution mostly geared towards small and medium sized businesses or large enterprises? What’s stopping big banks (who have the resources and relationships in some cases) in copying this strategy?

Hi Ben- great blog. I was one of the people complaining about the crazy uptick in ads on AccuWeather’s app. Unfortunately it got so bad I deleted it :/ I feel like these days there are lots of sources from which people can get weather data. For instance, I just use the weather app info that comes with my iPhone (not sure if Apple is one of the B2B companies that partners with AccuWeather in the backend). Given competition, do you think AccuWeather has strong enough differentiation to remain a key player? Also, what do you think is next for them to consider adding to their product moving forward?

On October 16, 2023, EleanorM commented on Driven by Data: HUK-Coburg’s Road to Insurance Success :

Great blog, Ruru! I didn’t know this was being done in Germany- it was a great read. Not sure it came up at all in your research, but given the privacy risks, do you think it might make sense to start with commercial transportation (i.e., trucking) first? I don’t really know how insurance for large trucking corporations or drivers work, but I wonder if it could be a good POC for HUK-Coburg to use to test before going big.