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Interesting post Aliza! Thanks for introducing the platform. In one of my CS classes, our group is working on developing a similar chatbot for mental health. Different from traditional chatbots like ChatGPT, it might require some algorithm tuning for communicating mental health problems. I think it has the potential to integrate with enterprises’ employee systems for managers to better understand employees’ mental states. Besides, I think the UI can be designed to be more immersive and healing to render comfort for the users.

Interesting post! I can see how AI is powering the finance industry. For Toku, it makes communication more targeted and saves manual time. I also witnessed how finance companies are adopting machine learning algorithms for effective fraud detection and transaction success prediction. Expect to see more sophisticated AI employment in the finance industry in the next few years!

On December 6, 2023, Serena Fang commented on Blizzard: AI and Games :

Thanks for the post! Though I rarely play games, I’m also impressed by some AI-created cartoon characters and synthetic characters in TV series and movies. It is the combination of AI-powered creation and increasing computing power that makes the gaming industry develop so rapidly these years. Besides, I found you mentioned people are now training AI models to win the game. Will it develop quickly in the next few years and negatively affect users’ gaming experience?

On November 7, 2023, Serena Fang commented on Weee! The $4B Go-to Ethic E-Glocer :

Thanks Sam! I think the diversity of things for target users and the delivery speed are keys to those E-glocer platforms. I used to like the platform a lot. With such low commission fee but rich diversity and high supply chain efficiency, does Weee! get enough profits for maintaining its cash flow? Do Weee! only target Chinese people, Asian people, or all people in US? Besides, I’m also a victim of Weee!’s security breach and never used the platform after the event. How big is the impact for Weee!? Does the event indicate that data security and reliability is the top consideration for people when using all kinds of platforms?

On November 7, 2023, Serena Fang commented on Fiverr: Scaling Productized Services :

Thanks Screeni! I also used Fiverr several times and found it helpful. The multinational online marketplace business model is very attractive. I wonder what does Fiverr’s demographic look like and which countries has the most gigs and users. How does Fiverr manage the multinational difficulty such as language on the platform? I also love the reputation-based promotion system, which builds a community and motivates gigs to provide more high-quality services.

On November 7, 2023, Serena Fang commented on Hungry? Lazy? DoorDash is the one-stop solution to your problems. :

Thanks Asra! I also like DoorDash a lot for ordering dinner. For profitability, you points out that there are high customer acquisition costs. Facing intense competition to acquire and retain customers, does DoorDash seek to lower price, cut revenue from drivers and restaurants, add more promotions, or increase marketing effort to maintain its cash flow? Besides, with the rich customer data, how can DoorDash make best use of it beyond optimizing its restaurant recommendation algorithm?

On October 18, 2023, Serena Fang commented on Big Data Revolutionizing Samsung Operations and Product Development :

Thanks for your work, Abdoulaye! I worked as a Data Science intern in the semiconductor industry in the summer, so I’m very curious about how different chip companies utilize big data to enhance their processes. We also did similar sales forecasting models using ML in different business units.

I’m very interested in learning that Samsung announced the use of Generative AI to improve wafer yields and decrease defect rates. I wonder how those manufacturing details will be translated to be input to Generative AI. Is it an automation or human evaluation process? How will the output from Generative AI be used to inform and update manufacturing processes?

On October 18, 2023, Serena Fang commented on BIG Data in Tesla Inc. :

Thanks for your work, Sam! We’ve learned the mechanism of self-driving car from DeepMap. The blog introduces some similar features and some different features of Tesla. I’m curious about whether there is any key difference between the self-driving mechanism and the use of big data between DeepMap and Tesla.

Besides, you mentioned that “Potential collisions predicted by the cars’ advanced custom-made computers”. I assume there is a real-time machine learning predictor inside the car system, but I feel interested to learn that the car can act like a computer. Does it use chips or built-in systems for the ML/AI process? For the real-time traffic prediction machine learning model, is there any difference from the traditional machine learning models we use?

On October 18, 2023, Serena Fang commented on Tesla: More than just autopilot :

Great work! Previously, when talking about Tesla, I could only think about its self-driving algorithms and safety concerns. This blog introduces more use of big data from Tesla. I found how Tesla uses drivers’ driving statistics to gauge their habits and then recommend insurance products is very interesting. I first learned that Tesla has such insurance service. So I’m curious about how much revenue insurance contributes to Tesla.

Besides, with the surge of interest in self-driving cars, many auto and technology companies began developing such products. What’s Tesla’s competitive advantage in the market? (For me, I think I’ll choose Tesla since it’s the most popular self-driving car and seems the most reliable.)