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Such an interesting use case and ML application! Sales seems an excellent use case for behavior prediction—I’m surprised more firms don’t use this (althoughI not Paulina’s reference of Microsoft Dynamics). Another interesting element to this seems like it will be related to adoption – will the “art” of sales accept the data driven, automated approach of AI. I think the more evidence there is to support AI’s successful driving of business results, the more the answer will be yes.

On December 1, 2022, Natasha VK commented on ASOS: Optimizing customer preference using Machine Learning :

This is fascinating Isha! AI in fashion feels like it’s been a long time coming, and I’m surprised more e-commerce brands aren’t leveraging it. I tried to find out what brands like Farfetch are doing, brands that were hailed in the industry for digitizing early, and there seems to be a slow pick up of AI specifically, even from those brands. ASOS being as adaptable and fast moving as it is feels a great candidate to lead the way.

Saad I’ve never heard of this it’s genius!!! It’s unfortunate it didn’t work out – I agree with some of the other comments that the founder is ahead of her time – or rather just in the wrong time when sex and online dating for sex are still somewhat taboo as instances of cat fishing and other manipulations and mischaracterizations remain a part of content moderation challenges.

On November 2, 2022, Natasha VK commented on Warehowz: Airbnb for Warehousing…sort of. :

This is so insightful thank you! Both points make a lot of sense and were things at least when I worked at the solar startup this summer, we thought about but didn’t have capacity to care about in essence. The first point especially was a sticking point – the trade off for what’s easiest immediately versus what’s more sustainable was one we didn’t really resolve by the end of the summer. Thanks for sharing the expertise.

I wish I had this when I was painting my apartment! I find in general house refurbishment options are overwhelming – for someone who is a creative but also on a timeline, a company like this is a dream. The value added is exactly as you’ve laid out regarding being able to track and pattern match in a way that we often don’t even notice as consumers. I’m wondering how and if they integrate with something like an Amazon or the equivalent in India.

On October 6, 2022, Natasha VK commented on Property Insurance in a time of Climate Change :

Kate this was super interesting! I wonder who actually wins here – warning this is a dark thought. If climate change is resolved does this startup go out of business? Do they or will they face criticism from people for praying on a global crisis?

On October 6, 2022, Natasha VK commented on Veterinary Practice Partners: Transforming the Vet Industry :

I hadn’t thought about data for vets! I have a cat who is 100% a family member and I love the idea of treating him with the same diligence as we treat other things in this blog (cars, shopping, ride share etc). I loved the idea especially of using data for expansion opportunities – my vet in London in far away now that I moved apartments and it would be great if, as I’m sure if the case, as more of their clients move to an area they open are practice.