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Thank you for sharing! I enjoy learning about how deeply AI/ML is rooted in Capital one by getting to know that you can basically find AI/ML-enabled technologies in every part of its business. This has led me to think about how they attract these talents in the industry as I am not sure if the bank is the first thing that a data analyst would think about when recruiting.

On November 27, 2022, Lina E commented on IKEA’s Leap Forward with Data and AI :

I love this! Thank you for sharing Jiwon.
It might be interesting to know if they have started to integrate online and offline experiences through data transformation. I am imagining a scenario like where a customer registers his/her visit to an offline store and scans the QR code of furniture that he or she is interested in (or even food order, which is impeccable for IKEA’s offline business!).

Very interesting insight, thank you so much for sharing! I would love to learn their retention strategy as I imagine customers (investors, rental entrepreneurs) who are looking for investment opportunities, might leave the platform once they make their investment decisions. In this light, I also wonder if they could expand into a consumer space (but it will compete with travel aggregator websites like I assume?) leveraging its data further.

On November 2, 2022, Lina E commented on ClassPass: Fitness Everywhere, for Everyone :

Thank you for the post Amy! I like the concept of being able to try different studios by having this subscription as you might not know if you end up liking that studio after committing to a monthly pass. I also agree with your point that once they manage to onboard a certain number of studios, it gets easy for them to scale. If I were a studio, I do not want to miss an opportunity to be a part of this when most of your competitors are on the platform. On the other hand, I would love to learn how incumbent studios react to them when it comes to their own monthly pass. Are they adding different benefits? Are they making it more affordable? Perhaps it’s interesting to see those reactions!

This truly identifies my problem! I am always terrified when I pick a wine at a supermarket and find myself busy pretending I actually “know” a wine (which is not true at all).
I love your idea about expanding into other categories. Not only alcoholic beverages, perhaps they can think of expanding into food such as cheese that I find also intimidating to pick.
Also, accumulating a lot of data, especially about customer preferences, I believe they can now build their own winery that perfectly matches customers’ preferences on top of just selling its data to other parties.

I love this! I am sure a lot of tourists would like to get a local guide but do not want to go through a presumebly expensive tour agency.
When it comes to its scalability, they might be able to connect locals (do not have to be professional tour guides) who are eager to practice a foreign language on this platform. I assume matching apps are filling this need but this platform might potentially fill the gap of “safety” (some people do not trust the people they meet on matching apps).

On October 5, 2022, Lina E commented on Grammarly: Writing the Future of NLP :

Thank you for sharing! As a user of Grammarly, I cannot agree more with what you articulate in this post, especially to the point that when it comes to grammar, the quality matters the most. I also wonder if Grammarly might look into expanding to other languages in the future!

On October 5, 2022, Lina E commented on Animal AI– The New Age of Petsitters :

It’s very exciting! Thank you for sharing the interesting story. I am a bit worried if this advanced technology allows pet owners to skip their duties as owners because the AI is too smart. Perhaps in the future, we do not need human beings to take dogs for walks, robots would replace them!

Super interesting to me as a Nintendo fan!
I agree with your point “as more and more games are being released with platform-agnostic, cross-play functionality (i.e., anyone with a copy of the game can play with anyone else), the choice of which console to buy a game for has become largely a hardware question.” but also wonder if this technology can actually bring or find new customers to Nintendo because I believe that most of the hardcore game fans anyway already possess so-called “main” hardware, so I’m not super sure if there are untouched markets that Nintendo can grab by this improved graphics tehcnology… happy to be proven wrong!