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Flowserve’s RedRaven: IIoT
Riya C
Posted on November 13, 2022 at 10:41 pm
Flowserve's RedRaven IIoT platforms helps you understand your pumps and valves and improves product designs

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On November 30, 2022, Riya C commented on AI in waste/recycling management – smarter city services :

They do!

On November 30, 2022, Riya C commented on Giving Back 3 Hours a Day to Doctors :

This is an awesome product and post! I think about non-US countries that have really limited access to doctors and how this product could meaningfully increase access to care. Do you have any ideas if they are thinking about moving outside the US? I know it would be a huge regulatory burden but I can see it having such transformative effects that I hope they do! It is crazy to me that this could save 3 hours a day – really puts the ROI into perspective. Thanks for sharing!

On November 30, 2022, Riya C commented on IKEA’s Leap Forward with Data and AI :

This is an awesome post! I think like others here, I’m curious about how they can use the AI to actually improve their supply chain. I have often been frustrated after going really far outside the city to one of their stores to realize that they are out of stock of something and don’t know when it will be back in stock. It seems like some of their AI is gimicky but not actually addressing revenue-generating-issues that need to be addressed!

This is AWESOME and I love that this tool also addresses some bias and gives more agency to the staff. I wish my firm had been able to use a tool like this! I’m curious what the feedback was after this was launched – who was happiest and who was most irritated by the platform when it was proposed?

On November 13, 2022, Riya C commented on Who Let the Dogs Out?? :

I think the program also has a hard time understanding a common phrase – it takes the words as individuals unless separated by really clear conjunctions. I would argue that the AI really missed the “who” portion of the prompt! I feel like through my experimentation, the tool was able to make a good portrait of 50% of the prompt and then ignored the other half. Its funny that the tool can make dog’s faces better than human faces!

I was also surprised that all the characters are smiling. I wonder if the “making a difference” and “in the world” phrases made the tool look for more philanthropist-like images. Since I was curious, I input “we educate leaders” into the tool and found that the images were all of primary school classrooms. As I found in my experiment, I think the tool can’t blend two ideas into one, especially if one of them is an abstract concept. I agree on your points about bias – thanks for sharing!

Even the look of him “running” is missing in some of the images! As I was playing around with the tool, I was wondering how the tool decides what to “prioritize” in making the image. Interesting stuff and I agree with the other comments! I would think that the tool would also scrape the web to get identifiable markings and incorporate them but that seems not to be the case. Thanks for sharing this!

On November 3, 2022, Riya C commented on Teladoc: Getting your healthcare from anywhere :

Thanks for sharing this! I know that telehealth became really normalized in the pandemic. How is this service regulated and how do insurance companies interact with this system? Is it integrated with my doctor’s office. As a patient, depending on how it is set up, it could become a reimbursement hassle I don’t know how to handle. Do you know what stops other companies from offering a similar solution? I’m thinking that big PE roll-ups in healthcare could come out with their own in-house platform that could really compete against Tealadoc. I’m curious your thoughts! Great post!

On November 3, 2022, Riya C commented on Gympass: Classpass reimagined for B2B :

Thanks for sharing this post and information! I liked the section about how Gympass is different than Classpass. As I’m reading these blog posts, I’m struck by how many competitors are in all of these markets and how small the “moat” seems to be. Do you know how Gympass adds value to their suppliers/gyms compared to ClassPass? I see the value prop for customers but I’m curious why suppliers would want to be with gympass over classpass.

On November 3, 2022, Riya C commented on Fiverr – Talent Without Borders :

Super interesting post! I’m wondering why this company thought their value prop could be given how many other companies operate in the same space (as you mentioned). What platform do you think is actually going to win out in this freelancing platform market? Thanks for introducing us to a new platform!

On October 5, 2022, Riya C commented on Disrupting Big Media :

Iain – thanks for a super interesting post! Before reading this article, I would have never thought that using big data or data analytics would be either useful or efficient as a resource for investigative journalism. I am curious as to how much this practice has caught on and for what purposes / sectors more broadly. I’m also curious as to how readers would be able to verify the sources and analysis given that there is a bit of a “black box” nature to these analyses. Thanks for sharing!

On October 5, 2022, Riya C commented on Flexport: Data that Whips the Bullwhip Effect :

Natasha – I love this concept and that you found a company that is actually working on addressing the bullwhip effect. I was wondering what the geographic scope is for their work and how they hold companies accountable for providing accurate data in the system? Especially after the shocks to the supply chain that we saw during the depths of COVID, I can really see how this company’s work can do so much good to stabilize global production!

Lina! This is such a cool and different use of data. I would have never thought to use data analytics on this scale and for this purpose. I guess when freshness is so important, even from kitchen to table is valuable to optimize for. Do you think they would be willing or interested in selling the data analytics and software to other restaurants that would also benefit from their system?