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On February 26, 2017, sblemast commented on Making Higher Education Accessible – Coursera :

Hey, thanks for the post! This is a really interesting idea and potentially something that make education accessible to millions of people living in less developed countries of the world. I think one area that would really help an online educator such as courser demonstrate value is to do some sort of outcomes study with their graduates – do you know if they have any data that demonstrates the courses actually creating value in peoples lives? Like if they can demonstrate that people who take courses in X subjects get Y more $ of income at work or are Z times more likely to be employed in a given industry? Demonstrating value creation would definitely help incentivize people to pay as well as make employers take notice when people have the certificates of completion from these courses.

On February 26, 2017, sblemast commented on Tinder: Growing the Critical Mass :

Hey, thanks for the great post. I am curious what your thoughts are on the future of Tinder, and how it should best respond to the emergence of copy cats trying to focus on a niche of the market – that you mentioned at the end. Do you think it should change its strategy and try and cater to some of these niches itself? Like add additional profile options to select what you are looking for and only see profiles who have done the same? Or do you think it should effectively just stick to what has worked as people will likely multihome anyways?

On February 26, 2017, sblemast commented on Hearthstone: Heroes of Online Gaming Platform :

Thanks for the interesting post! I actually wrote my post on a competitor of Blizzard’s, Valve, who also has a platform to sell its games. However, unlike Blizzard, Valve lets third parties leverage its platform and sells games produced by third parties and taking a 30% royalty. When I was writing my post, I was going to include a discussion about Blizzard being a potential threat to Valves business model – as it is a giant gaming company with a massive base of users between its several games. Do you think Blizzard will ever leverage its platform and user base to sell the games of other developers? It could basically copy Valves model and sell third party games and take a 30% cut. Perhaps the reason they don’t is because it would make their platform more clunky and be less integrated with Blizzards core games. Any thoughts?